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90-Year-Old Influencer Baddie Winkle Just Dropped An Epic Beauty Collection

The Baddie is back!

This time the internet star is partnering up with another beauty brand to release her very own Baddie Winkle makeup collection.

If you haven't heard of this 90-year-old phenom yet, let me introduce you to Baddie.

Helen Ruth Elam Van Winkle, a.k.a Baddie Winkle is an internet sensation who wears and does whatever she wants.

When Baddie was 85 years old, her great-granddaughter posted a picture of her great-grandmother wearing some of her clothes.

After posting the picture to Twitter, the photo quickly went viral and Baddie's Instagram full of colorful, youthful outfits grew to have a 2.2 million following.

Since becoming a viral sensation, Baddie has landed herself some lucrative deals.

Back in 2016, she was named as the new face for online fashion retailer Missguided's holiday campaign.

Even though the brand is typically catered to teen girls, Missquided has been diversifying their advertising and who better to choose than the baddest grandma in the game?

She also got to collaborate with cosmetics company Urban Decay.

UD named Baddie their Monthly Muse and flew her out for a photo shoot and interview that was shared on their YouTube channel.

In the video, she's seen dressed to the nines as pink money rains over her and she says, "I'm Baddie Winkle and I wear clothes that make me feel like a bad**s. You're never ever too old to party."

Well, now it's been a couple years and Baddie is back with another brand collaboration.

INC.redible Cosmetics teamed up with Baddie to produce the colorful capsule collection.

The collection includes 3 cute products which include the "Rollin' It Back Rainbow Rollerball lip gloss" and "Baddie's Got The Gold Rainbow Highlighter."

The collection even includes a sheet mask for your boobs!

The Baddie Double Perks Rainbow Sheet Boob Mask can be all yours for just $9.

According to the description on Sephora, the mask is said to be chock full of vitamin C.

This is supposed to help visibly firm, brighten, and moisturize your girls.

Will you be getting anything from the Baddie Winkle collection?

I think the collection is super cute and the prices are pretty affordable but I only have my eyes on one product in particular.

The boob mask of course!