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Moms Are Sharing Photos Of Their Post-Birth Bodies To Show The Reality That's Rarely Discussed

We're only just starting to openly talk about what happens to women during the postpartum period. For decades, women were expected to bounce back and enjoy life as a new mom, but we now know that's totally unrealistic.

New moms go through a number of complicated emotional and physical changes, and the Instagram account @takebackpostpartum is sharing those real experiences. Here are a few moms who opened up about their journeys.

A quiet moment for mom and baby.

This mother, who is recovering from a C-section, takes a quiet moment alone with her newborn. We often forget how much healing C-section moms need after giving birth.

This mom is in awe of what her body accomplished.

"Although I feel so much more confident this time, it’s still hard to look at your body after growing a beautiful little human and see this empty shell. It feels weak, sore, and exhausted," wrote this mom.

Postpartum life isn't easy, but it can be beautiful.

This super relatable photo.

I don't know a single mom who hasn't done this at least once, if not on a regular basis. There are no breaks for new parents... not even to poop in peace!

Taking it one day at a time.

"I wanted this photo to remind me how strong and brave and beautiful I am. And it’s absolutely okay for me to not feel 1000% beautiful and strong and brave every single day,” wrote this mom.

Feed. Pump. Repeat.

Breastfeeding moms are on-call 24/7, even when they go to the beach. Even when their babies aren't with them, moms are working and caring for them at all times.

Stop focusing on looks.

When we think of pregnancy and postpartum life, we often focus on how our bodies look.

However, under the skin, there could be serious damage happening to your muscles that require physical therapy, so remember to focus on your health, not what you look like.

You are still strong.

You will feel absolutely exhausted, but it doesn't mean you are losing strength, both mentally and physically.

Your postpartum body still cares for you and your baby.

All bodies can be postpartum bodies.

We are all different, yet a post-birth body isn't immune from any body type. As this mother states, "You grew a human. You birthed a human, whether they came out of your lady bits or surgery. You have a postpartum body. Period."

Even the food isn't all that glam.

Hospital food really isn't all that great, and we don't have the luxury to just order whatever food we want. Sometimes, the only sustenance after giving birth is some toast.

No one really shows the aftermath of a cesarean section.

While giving birth naturally does a number to the body as is, c-sections are surgical operations that should not be taken lightly.

This is what the first day postpartum really looks like.

Your body doesn't just bounce back to what it was before giving birth. That's just not the reality, although many celebrities make it appear that way.

Seeing the major changes your body has gone through can really help with self-love.

This mother hated her body for years before getting pregnant and giving birth. Her postpartum body has allowed her to regain a new sense of acceptance.

The reality of this mother's post-birth body lies within.

This was taken during her postpartum depression, and shows a very different reality of the inner battle many mothers go through.

There are many stages your body goes through.

It's important to just embrace them and think about how powerful your body is for doing what it did!

There may be many scars.

And boy, does that scar tell a story!

Ice ice baby!

Yep, pretty much everything gets iced.

This photo is a serious postpartum mood.

Hey, and she's smiling through it all!

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