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Moms Are Comparing Their First Postpartum Pics To Meghan Markle's

Are you tired of royal baby fever yet?

Following the official debut of baby Archie, Meghan and Prince Harry were praised for their down-to-earth and relatable meeting with the press.

However, even though Meghan embraced her postpartum body, some couldn't get over how unrealistically perfect she looked.

The Internet lets us see more than just what is given to the press, though.

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Moms are sharing their own postpartum pics and comparing them to the Duchess' to spread a more realistic depiction of postpartum life.

As you probably know, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry welcomed their baby boy on May 6.

They debuted their bundle of joy to the world a few days later and revealed that they had named the newest member of the royal family Archie Harrison. Awww! I love that name!

Many people praised Meghan's first postpartum appearance.

They respected the fact that she and Harry waited a few days before meeting with the press. Meghan's white, belted trench dress also showed off her postpartum body and people loved that she was embracing her bump.

One Twitter user used the hashtag #NormalizeIt.

It is refreshing to not be immediately presented with a story about Meghan's incredible return to her pre-baby body, even just a few days after giving birth.

However, even at two days postpartum, some thought Meghan wearing a white dress and heels was a little unrealistic for most newly postpartum moms.

Now moms are sharing their own postpartum pics and comparing them to the Duchess' appearance.

Here's one from entertainment reporter Jessi Cruickshank taken following the C-section birth of her twins.

Here's how most new moms spend (or try to spend) their first days after giving birth.

"This is me two days after the birth of my first son. I'm glad I did not have to go to the press in high heels," this mom wrote on Instagram.

A lot of moms had a sense of humor about the situation.

This couple playfully suggested they were identical to the royal family after birth — and in terms of being a happy family, they were right!

A lot of moms were just impressed with how Meghan was able to make a public appearance at all.

Many agreed that they wouldn't have been in a presentable state at two days postpartum, especially when facing a group of international reporters.

Some moms also experience serious complications after giving birth.

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"I wish every happiness to the Royals but remember it isn’t a true’s a show, immaculately portrayed for social media.." this mom said on Instagram while sharing how she almost lost her life after giving birth.

Most postpartum moms don't wear much of anything those first few days, let alone a designer dress and heels.

I basically lived in a hospital gown and adult diapers for those first few days, so I can definitely relate to this picture.

Even though most moms don't look "Meghan Markle" chic after giving birth, a lot of women are still embracing their own postpartum photos.

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Whether you stayed in bed for days with unwashed hair or put on a full face of makeup after giving birth, the important thing is to do what you feel comfortable with. Don't fall into the trap of comparing yourself to other moms (even royal ones)!

Many women go through some less-than-glamorous situations after giving birth.

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Like this new mother, who had to breast pump for her baby who was in the NICU shortly after giving birth.

Just a friendly reminder that now that the press is done, Meghan is probably at home in sweats and rocking a mom bun.

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"Some people look like Meghan Markle 2 days after having a baby... others look like this!!" said Instagram user @mummydickey.

Women wanted to showcase that all kinds of bodies are normal after giving birth.

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Not everyone is going to have a stylist and makeup team on hand to make sure none of the less-desired changes to your body are showcased.