Bran Stark's Actor Has A Message For 'Game Of Thrones' Fans Who Think He's Useless

Oh, Bran Stark. He is loved and hated, and often, dismissed.

To be fair, most of Game of Thrones is about war, and Bran can't really fight much.

Spoilers ahead.

The Iron Throne has a new ruler.


Yes, it was melted down, but there is still a new king who will be ruling the now six kingdoms.

It's our boy Bran Stark.

Bran was chosen because he is a fair person.


We cannot express that enough.

Tyrion knew that better than anyone, and that is why he chose him to rule over the realm.

There are a lot of feelings out there about Bran taking the Iron Throne.

A lot of people are really upset and think that the storytelling was just awful.

But not everyone feels that way!

Some people actually think it makes sense.

Bran Stark is fair and reasonable, which means that he will likely make a great ruler.

Sure, he lacks some empathy, but we have Tyrion for that.

Isaac Hempstead Wright who plays Bran jumped to his defense.


And good for him for doing so.

Bran can't exactly fight in a war, considering what Jaime did to him back in season one.

Wright has something to say about the fans who don't like Bran.


Wright told TheWrap. "I mean, he's disabled, what's he gonna do? Is he gonna jump up and run around, get a sword and suddenly do acrobatics?"

Oh, and that's not all.


He continued with, "And his powers as the Three-Eyed Raven basically don't really allow him to interfere with things that much."

Although Wright may have also made some comments that might not paint King Bran in the best light.


In an interview with The New York Times, Wright commented on Bran's total lack of empathy, referring to when he doesn't give Sam time to mourn his family. "Bran doesn’t care. It’s totally irrelevant to Bran that Samwell Tarly’s family has died, unfortunately."

"The Three-Eyed Raven doesn’t see things in terms of personal sadness."

"He just sees things in terms of the way things must unfold, or the way time goes," he continued. "If you look back in time, Bran isn’t bothered by the death of Hodor, because that’s what had to happen to allow him to get away from the White Walkers."

Wright says Bran knows the Three-Eyed Raven must exist and it's not selfishness.


"Bran views [Hodor's death] as a necessity for the greater good, not for himself, but for the world, for time, for history."

Gee, sure, Bran, but pretending to be a little sad for the guy who carried you around for ages wouldn't kill you.

Although, Wright listed some qualities of Bran that the new king SHOULD have.


He said, "It’s nice to be one of the people who isn’t reactionary, who isn’t charging around and stabbing things or whatever, but remains calm. It’s quite refreshing."

He makes a pretty good point there.

You know, I think Westeros has had enough rulers with a penchant for stabbing, beheading, blowing things up with wildfire, and other nefarious hobbies.

Bran the Broken's first act as king?


“I think he’ll first start with disabled access ramps,” Wright told TheWrap. “King’s Landing does not look like a hugely friendly city for the disabled community. I think that will be Bran’s first policy, accessibility.”

We think he'll do a good job.


Bran's just there to watch how things turn out and help only when he's meant to.

What do you think about Bran on the throne? Let us know in the comments!

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