Fans Want Taylor Lautner To Play The Joker In The Next 'Batman' Movie

So 2019 has been a wild year so far, and it continues with this.

At least it makes for something interesting to talk about on the internet.

Robert Pattinson will be playing 'Batman'.

Obviously, you can imagine how much people had to say about this.

Lots of people were unhappy, but not everyone.

Fans want Taylor Lautner to play The Joker.

Instagram | @taylorlautner

Hey, people didn't think Heath Ledger could be Joker, but he surprised us all.

Maybe Lautner has it in him.

They would definitely have good chemistry.

They are used to being rivals, after all.

So they would have no trouble hating each other! They did it for five movies already.

Let it happen!

Come on, this could be the Twilight 2.0 we have all been waiting for.

The movie we didn't know we needed.

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