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Amy Schumer Sends 'Love' To Mom-Shamers In Her Latest Instagram Post

Amy Schumer hasn't even been a mom for an entire month yet, but she's already experienced her first round of online mom-shaming.

People were quick to judge and criticize the comedian when she returned to the stage for the first time since giving birth. Many thought she had returned to work too soon and offered their "helpful" opinions on her choices.

Now, Amy has directly addressed those shamers in a new and hilarious Instagram post.

As many of you know, Amy Schumer is one of the most successful female comedians ever.

She routinely sells out tours and has a number of popular stand-up specials (in addition to her long-running show and a number of movies). Basically, she's killing it!

Amy also recently became a mom.

She and her husband, Chris Fischer, welcomed a baby boy in early May named Gene. Welcome to the world, Gene!

A few weeks after Gene was born, Amy returned to the stage for her first postpartum performance.

Amy appeared at The Comedy Cellar and I'm in awe. I'm pretty sure I barely showered and got dressed for a month after becoming a mom, let alone thought to go out and do a stand-up show. Go, Amy!

However, the mom-shamers were quick to judge Amy for returning to the stage so soon.

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There were a bunch of comments on her Instagram criticizing her for returning to work. What? She's not allowed to leave the house now that she's a mom?

Many fans came to Amy's defense and shut those shamers down.

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Some pointed out the double standard between new moms and dads.

While Prince Harry was able to leave and do a promotional tour days after welcoming a baby boy, Amy was shamed for doing her show a few weeks after becoming a mom. Hmmmm...

Well, now Amy has addressed those shamers head-on.

In a new Instagram post that shows Amy pumping breastmilk in bed, she wrote, "Sending out love to the moms shaming me for doing standup last night!"

At least she has a good attitude about it!

Other celebrities quickly chimed in.

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Selma Blair wondered why anyone would shame a mom for doing her job, while also giving Amy props for going out and performing.

More of Amy's fans showed their support as well.

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Mom-shaming is rooted in a lot of negative feelings like anger, envy, and jealousy when we should all do our best to support parents in positive ways.

Amy's posts and response highlight the criticism many working moms face every day and it's time we stopped that once and for all.