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James Charles Exposes Tati Westbrook And Jeffree Star With Receipts In New Video

GUYS. How do we sister survive in a time that is SO SISTER STRESSFUL? These past nine days have been an emotional rollercoaster for the YouTube community and beyond.

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Since Tati's initial video to James Charles nine days ago, it seems James' career was going to be sister stunted for a HOT second.

And with damaging accusations from fellow YouTubers like Jeffree Star and shade from famous celeb friends like Kylie Jenner, it seemed like James would never be able to recover.

James has stayed relatively quiet about the whole scandal, causing more and more false narratives to be made and circulated about James. However, no one could have guessed what was in store for us next, sisters.

What was in store for us next, you ask? A 41 MINUTE VIDEO TITLED "NO MORE LIES."

If you don't have the time/motivation/energy to watch the whole thing, don't worry — I got you, boo.

Youtube | James Charles

The video starts off with a fresh faced James addressing this past week as "the darkest we've all ever seen and it's also been the darkest time I've ever had to go through in my life."

James begins by clearing up how he got involved with Sugarbearhair. In Tati's video, she claimed there was no way Sugarbearhair would just "save the day" with VIP passes for James. James still stands by his story and shows texts from that hectic Coachella weekend.

Youtube | James Charles

Tati went on to say in her initial video that she never heard from James until after he made his now infamous Sugarbearhair Instagram story.

James however, brought receipts.

James claims he reached out to not only Tati but to her husband as well, multiple times, to try to talk through what happened.

Youtube | James Charles

All messages, he claimed, went unanswered.

James also went on to show all the footage AND RECEIPTS of him supporting Tati and her brand Halo over the years.

Youtube | James Charles

Let's just say, it was a total win for James.

James then began to explain the "Seattle waiter" situation.

Youtube | James Charles

James claims the conversations about the waiter Sam never got inappropriate the way Tati said it did.

In Tati's initial video, she claimed James was using his "fame, power and money" to play with peoples emotions, specifically with one waiter in Seattle at her surprise birthday party back in February.

YouTube | Tati

"Oh my god, you tried to trick a straight man into thinking he's gay, yet again... you know what that's not okay."

James then goes on to reveal he is a 19 year-old VIRGIN.

Youtube | James Charles

"I don't really get a lot of action. You have probably guessed this at this point."

"I have never and would never and will never use my fame, money or power to manipulate or get any sexual actions from a guy."

Youtube | James Charles

"That is disgusting. It is not me, and the fact that Tati brought this up blows my mind because she knows the real story."

James touched on the "I'm famous" thing, showing a bunch of messages between him and his friends joking about how they're "famous"

Youtube | James Charles

Among those shown in the texts were Liza Koshy, Kylie Jenner and TATI HERSELF.

Then James pulled the FULL receipts on Jeffree, and sis? The tea is hot as HELL.

Instagram | @jeffreestar

Let's not forget that Jeffree publically called James a "predator."

Let's also not forget this INSANE tweet from Jeffree after Tati posted her video.

Twitter | @jamescharles

He literally called James a "danger to society" and where I come from, them's FIGHTING words.

Well let's just say, James came to fight today, showing receipts of this text from Jeffree claiming James had been trash talking him behind his back.

Youtube | James Charles

"I do not talk about you behind your back" replied James.

James then went to show his continuous attempts at reaching out to Jeffree to no avail.

Youtube | James Charles

You can see James' attempts at settling any negative feelings in a mature and responsible way. The day after James' last message was the day Tati posted her "BYE SISTER" video and the same day Jeffree made those angry tweets.

James then proceeded to read a text from Jeffree (that involved allegations about Grayson Dolan) that was so insanely vial I can't even handle.

Youtube | James Charles

James points out that he finds it odd Jeffree had all those negative feelings towards him but was still showing him love on social media.

James claims Jeffree is basing his story off lies and will never understand why he chose to slander his name both publicly and privately to his friends.

Youtube | James Charles

"I wish I knew why he was doing all this, but at the same time his track record with public feuds makes none of this a surprise," James remarked.

James ended the video with a heartfelt thank you to his fans that have remained loyal, as well as his infuencer friends who have checked in on him during this trying time.

Youtube | James Charles

"In the spirit of turning something negative into a positive, bye sisters."

So it's all over and settled right? WRONG. It is now time for our regularly scheduled Jeffree Star programming.

Youtube | Jeffree Star

In a video titled, "Never Doing This Again" Jeffree wanted to have the final say.

After James' video, Jeffree went on to say he was going to pull receipts and voice memo's "exposing" James but decided against it.

Youtube | Jeffree Star

"I said some things online about pulling receipts. I was gonna pull voice memos... I stopped those feelings. I let them all subside.”

Jeffree addressed the fact that he placed himself into this drama voluntarily.

Youtube | Jeffree Star

"I inserted myself into something publicly that I shouldn't have."

In the end, he said a whole lot of nothing but insists he is ready to move on.

Youtube | Jeffree Star

"I'm willing to bite the bullet and let anyone think what they want."

"I will not be exposing anything more. This has to stop," Jeffree concluded.

All we can truly hope for is peace among the beauty kingdom, and with James and Kylie reconnecting and snapping pics at her skincare launch party, we could be closer to freedom than we think.