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9+ Pics That Perfectly Sum Up The Struggle For Makeup Lovers In The Summer

Summer is the best time of the year, right? Well, not when it comes to your makeup.

Getting all dolled up while there's a heat wave going on is not a pretty sight. I mean just try to put on that foundation when your face is literally melting away. LOL!

So we can all relate to these summer beauty struggles.

1. Melting Away


This is exactly what I'm talking about, ladies. This is a real struggle if you don't have AC in the summer. Try to recover from this.

2. Acne Struggles

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This is when s**t gets real people. Anyone who has struggled with acne can totally relate to this. Summer can be such a bummer in this case.

3. Bye-bye Lipstick

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Don't you just hate when that happens? Especially if you invested a pretty penny on that expensive lipstick that just came out with a new shade.

4. Racoon Eyes

Do yourself a huge favor. Make sure you invest in a great waterproof mascara so you don't end up with raccoon eyes this summer. Okay?

5. When You Get That Natural Glow


Some people resort to spending a lot of money to achieve that perfect summer glow. I just sweat and I'm good to go.

6. When All Your Hard Work Goes To Waste

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There is no feeling worse than seeing all your hard work literally melt off your face. Anyone else plan their routes in the summer so they'll spend as little time as possible in the heat? Because I do.

7. When You Sweat Too Much


Why is it that some people seem to not sweat the hot weather at all, and others can't seem to stop sweating?

8. When You Throw Makeup Casually Into Your Bag

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And then you happen to forget about it and leave it in the sweltering sun for hours. This is what happens.

9. When Your Makeup Won't Come Off

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So this might be a total contradiction but getting that water-proof mascara to come off easily can also be a damn challenge.

10. When You Try To Put On Makeup No Matter What


As I said, just try to put on foundation while your face is melting away. I dare you. It's not a pretty sight.

11. When You're Too Lazy To Re-Do Your Nail Polish

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We've all been through this. Don't lie. Just admit that you can't be bothered to do your nails.

12. Where Did My Eyebrows Go?

Twitter | @alyssasmileyy

I have to admit this has happened to me before. This is why I'm looking into getting some microblading done before summer starts.

13. When The Sun Gives You Away

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The sun is always working against us! Keep this in mind before stepping outside. Chances are, you won't look like Kylie.

14. This Meme Is Screaming At Me Right Now

I love melting like a cartoon character Popsicle!

15. A Little Bit Of Fun In The Sun

I love when my foundation scams me like that and I end up looking fully crazy with too light foundation!

16. I Feel Attacked!

I am one of these chicks and I own it, baby! Who cares?!

17. This Hits Too Close To Home

Especially if you jump in the pool and forget you're wearing a full face of makeup. GOOD TIMES!

18. Urban Decay "All Nighter" Is The Best

Setting spray is a must have IMO in the summer. Actually, it's a non negotiable.

19. I Thought I Was The Only One

It's such a conflict of interests, isn't it?? I love cute sunglasses and cute makeup looks.

20. I Can Feel This Picture Through The Screen

Every glam lover knows these feels and they are real and they are painful.

21. Sweaty Vaseline? Absolutely Not.

Twitter | @toniprentice

Let this be a reminder that leaving any makeup in the car is a mistake, okay?

This Is A Mood!

This is how im trying to be for the rest of the summer, tbh.

But seriously y'all - don't sweat it!

I'm here to remind you that you look beautiful with or without makeup, inside and out.

So just get out and have fun, anyway!

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