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Crocs-Inspired Handbags Have Sparked Another Fashion Debate

When it comes to Crocs, people either love them or they hate them. If you're one of those people who happen to be an avid Croc lover, I've got good news for you.

It might be safe to say that virtually everyone has heard of Crocs before.

But if in the rare case that you don't know, allow me to explain.

Crocs are these foam clog shoes that come in a variety of colors and are popular among senior citizens and children.

Even though you can find Crocs in nearly every style at every shoe store, Crocs were originally a brand name shoe.

American company Crocs first gained popularity in 2006 with people like George W. Bush, Michelle Obama and even little Prince George wearing them.

Their biggest claim to fame is comfort.

The real Crocs from the American retailer of the same name are made with a special foam material.

This material then allows the Crocs to mold to your feet, making for some super comfortable shoes that your podiatrist would approve of.

I wonder if podiatrists would approve of this bag though.


Behold, the Crocs-inspired handbag.

It appears that Crocs fans have taken their obsession to new lengths with these big foam bags and you can find them on Amazon for $20 a pop.

After all, your shoes gotta match your purse, amiright?

People on social media are having a field day with this.

"This has to be fake omg," one person tweeted.

Another wrote, "I'll pass on this fashion trend."

Personally, I think I'll pass as well but there are definitely people out there who love this new creation.

Are you a fan of these Crocs-inspired purses?