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Amy Schumer Shares First Selfie As A New Mom And It Is So Relatable

Some women (like Meghan Markle) are able to look flawless and perfect after giving birth.

Some women (like me) embrace their new mom-bun hairstyle and makeup-free look knowing that this is as good as it is going to get for a little while.

Amy Schumer seems to fall in the latter category. She just shared a hilarious and relatable makeup-free selfie as a new mom that will look recognizable to any parent out there.

Amy Schumer has fully embraced mom life since she announced her pregnancy last year.

Even though she didn't have the easiest pregnancy, Amy stayed positive and hilarious throughout the whole thing. Here she is "crashing" the Met Gala on her way to give birth.

At long last, Amy and her husband, Chris, welcomed their baby boy.

They named their little guy Gene Attell Fischer. Gene's middle name appears to be a nod to Amy's comedian friend, Dave Attell. How cute!

Here's an adorable photo of Gene and dad getting some snuggles in.

Congrats to Amy and Chris on their new addition.

Understandably, Amy's Instagram has been quiet as she settles into her new life as a mom and rests, but she did share one new photo with fans.

This makeup-free selfie (with a photobomb from Gene) should look recognizable to any mom out there.

Amy captioned the photo, "New kid, who dis?" LOL! Oh, Amy. She loves keeping it real and hilarious. I'm sure we'll have some more postpartum updates coming our way from this funny mama soon.