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Here's How Kim Kardashian Managed To Squeeze Into Her Tiny Met Gala Dress

When everyone saw Kim Kardashian step onto the pink carpet at the Met Gala, it was immediately clear that she had done it again.

Her skin-tight dress cinched tightly around her waist and left us wondering as we always do, how is her waist so tiny and how does she fit into these things?

Luckily for us, we're finally getting an answer.

The Met Gala took place on Monday, May 6th and of course, Kim and Kanye were there.

Kanye stuck to the beyond simple look that he's rocking lately to pink carpet.

He wore a $48 Dickies jacket, black pants and black construction boots and pretty much looked like Kim's bodyguard.

It turns out Kanye was just letting Kim have the spotlight, which is pretty sweet.

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Kim said that her first Met Ball year, she was "just his plus-one" so this year he decided to dress down and "just be your plus-one." Aww, Kanye!

Meanwhile, Kim stepped onto the carpet looking like she just left the beach.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star came through drippin' in a skin-tight custom latex Thierry Mugler dress.

Her waist? Snatched. Virtually non-existent.

Fans online lost their minds and many wondered how on earth was she breathing?

"I swear you took out some ribs or something," one fan wrote.

Another Instagram comment read, "How is that waist possible without a corset???

It turns out that one commenter was on to something.

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Kim let fans have a glimpse into how she fit into the skin-tight dress and the video is wild!

In the behind-the-scenes video for Vogue magazine, Kim reveals that she sacrificed sitting, peeing and breathing to pull off the look.

At the start of the video, Kim is getting ready for her final Met Gala fitting.

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She jokes that the one thing she'll be having for the Met Gala are one dozen mini donuts, which you know, wow I like her thinking.

She then gets laced up very rigorously into a corset while she talks about how she connected with Mugler.

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She says to the camera, "Okay, so Anna [Wintour], if I don't sit down for dinner, now you know why."

"I'll be walking around, mingling, talking, but I cannot hardly sit."

Next, Kim has 3 whole men assist her in putting on the custom dress.

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They all hold an portion of Kim's dress and pull it tightly around her to button it up.

The dress is so tight that men then continue to pull and position the skin-tight dress into the right position.

She then reveals that the dress is so tight that she won't be able to pee in it.

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"Wish me luck, I won't be able to pee for about four hours," she said while getting her makeup done on the day of the event.

Don't worry — they had a backup plan.

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"We're coming up with a plan for what we do in case of an emergency."

Wow. I don't know about you, but I would pay to know what the Emergency-Kim-Needs-To-Go-NOW plan was.

Towards the end of the video, Kim starts discussing how she plans to get to the gala.

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"I asked them to get a stool. So I'll have to stand as I'm riding in a sprinter van on the way there with, I think, a pole, so I can hold onto the pole," she said.

She's then seen carefully walking to her sprinter van amidst dozens of paparazzi.

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And she stands and rides all the way to the Met Gala.

Insane. I don't have that kind of dedication — I don't even like standing on the bus.

What did you think of Kim's Met Gala look?

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Fans online have expressed a mixture of praise and outrage over the outfit. Some are loving Kim's snatched figure but a few others have expressed concern that Kim is setting unrealistic body standards.

Kim's trainer came to her defense and said, "I see her train and I see her sweat and I see all the work she does outside of the gym and THAT is commendable!"

Unrealistic or not, it took a LOT of work to get Kim into that dress.

And it took a lot of pain for Kim to get through the night wearing it! Take a look for yourself to see how much Kim had to go through to get her impossibly tiny Met Gala waist.