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This Czech Grandma Spends Her Days Painting Beautiful Murals Around Her Village

Street art is often seen as a young people's hobby. When you hear the term, you think of spray paint and climbing walls in the dead of night to create art in places it's not allowed. Sometimes there's a message, and sometimes it's just because.

Another aspect of street art is its short lifespan. Even the most carefully chosen paints will fade and chip away, assuming they aren't painted over before getting that chance.

She may be over 90 years old, but Anežka Kašpárková doesn't let that stop her from creating her own form of street art.

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As long as the weather allows it, she spends her days painting floral murals on the whitewashed walls of her friends and neighbors in the village of Louka.

Anežka mixes her own paints to create an incredible ultramarine hue that pops against the whitewashed village buildings.

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The paintings last about two years before beginning to fade. Then the walls are returned to white and Anežka paints a whole new mural.

Every May, she spends 10 days adding beautiful florals to the freshly whitewashed village chapel.

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She's been climbing scaffolding to paint it for almost 40 years and while it's gotten harder, she doesn't let it stop her.

"I’m just doing what I like," she said, "I try to help decorate the world a bit."

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Anežka worked in the agriculture industry before retiring 30 years ago, but she likes to keep busy.

Anežka learned the hobby from another woman who had painted the houses. When she stopped, Anežka took over the tradition.

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She doesn't plan out her designs beforehand, but just mixes her paint and makes up the pattern as she goes. Each is a unique design that flows completely from her imagination to her paintbrush.

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