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Some Celebs Clearly Didn't Get The Memo About The Met Gala Dress Code

The Met Gala took place last night and brought out nearly all of Hollywood's biggest names for the occasion.

The theme for the year was Camp: Notes on Fashion and so naturally we expected everyone to do the absolute most when it came to outfits.

For those of you still trying to understand what Camp is, here's a breakdown

According to the [Wikipedia](, "Camp is an aesthetic style and sensibility that regards something as appealing because of its bad taste and ironic value."

When it comes to Camp, too much is never enough.

It's also described as being pioneered by black drag queens and the LGBTQ community and involves wearing the most ludicrous, opulent and extra outfit you can find.

Some people nailed it.

Billy Porter and Lady Gaga both perfectly embodied the Camp theme with their outfits.

Janelle Monae, Bette Midler, Ezra Miller and more all did a fantastic job.

Unfortunately, however, there were many others who just didn't quite get it.

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For every guest dressed as a chandelier or as a giant burger (both Katy Perry, who definitely got the theme down), there was a celebrity in a one-color pretty dress or boring black suit.

Gisele Bundchen said forget your theme altogether.

I have to admit, Gisele always looks gorgeous but when the theme is Camp, pretty dresses just isn't going to cut it.

Her look on the pink carpet felt just a little to simple and safe to be anything close to the night's theme.

Rami Malek looked surprisingly underwhelming.

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We would imagine that the man who played Freddie Mercury in his bio pic would at least jazz it up a little bit.

While Rami does have on a black glitter shirt, this overall look is more than a tad disappointing.

Taron Egerton also served up a lackluster all-black look.

Elton John would be ashamed!

Despite playing one of the Campiest musical figures in a film, Taron seemed to have learned nothing about what Camp is.

Model Karlie Kloss claimed she was looking Camp right in the eye.

Too bad it seems Camp wasn't looking back at her.

Her candy wrapper-esque dress failed to give us Camp and looked more like homecoming dance attire.

No one could come to an agreement on whether Frank Ocean's look was Campy enough.

The Channel Orange singer looked like he could have passed for the valet guy in his plain black pants and black Prada hoodie.

Many fans online expressed their disappointment in his seemingly basic AF outfit. Especially considering that this is the same person who wore iridescent glitter pants to his birthday party back in 2017.

Others argued that Frank's genius simply went over our heads and that the irony of his toned down look is what makes it Camp after all.

Celine Dion admitted during a red carpet interview that she didn't know what camp meant.

Although she hit the theme perfectly, she said she had to do some research before the event to make sure — something some of these other celebrities could've stood to do!

People were surprised that Celine didn't know what camp was considering everything she does is camp.

Someone else said that what we call "camp," Celine just calls living her life. That's the only explanation I can think of that makes sense.

She wasn't the only one who didn't quite know what camp meant.

To be fair, just like Celine, it seemed as though most of the stars last night weren't even sure what Camp was even supposed to mean.

In a red carpet interview, singer Shawn Mendes flat out admitted that he wasn't entirely sure how to explain what it was.

Who do you think nailed or failed the Camp theme?

So there you have it. I guess if you know better, you do better and quite a few of us just had no clue at all.

Liberace would be very disappointed in us.