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24 Beauty Fails That Got The Best Of People

Kasia M 7 May 2019

Looking good is everyone's goal and some of us are much better at it than others. There are those who spend countless hours in front of the mirror. And then there are those, usually me, who spend less than five minutes.

But many of us have tried some new beauty routine here and there only to fail at it miserably. So, let's sympathize with these epic beauty fails together.

1. When You're No Brow Queen

Twitter | @Nicoleyy_9

Applying those brow creams is a skill, people. So try not to laugh too hard at this poor attempt at it. It happens.

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2. When Your Hairdresser Didn't Get Enough Sleep

Facebook | Danni Draper

It's either your hairdresser got really distracted or they just didn't have their morning coffee 'cause this is an epic fail.

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3. When Your Hairdresser Doesn't Come Through

Imgur | TheSoulOfTheRose

It's always a little scary to trust someone with your hair and this definitely proves that you have a right to be wary.

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4. When Your Equipment Fails You


OMG, I don't think I've ever seen this happen before. This is exactly why I'm not a fan of these eyelash curlers. Yikes!

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5. When You Don't Nail It

Twitter | @xLolitaCassx

I admit this looked like such a great idea but unless you're a genius with nail art, this was a tall order for anyone.

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6. When Your Lipgloss Can't Stand You

Twitter | @Mscatherineanne

I dunno what this person did to this lipgloss but clearly it really got pissed off and planned an elaborate escape. LOL.

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7. When You Coin A New Phrase

Twitter | @_Laang

Check this out, next thing you know "eye weaves" becomes the next big thing in beauty talk. You heard it here first.

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8. When Accidents Happen

Twitter | @BrookeWVTM13

Talk about starting your day on the wrong foot. Just make sure you have back-up foundation and suede cleaner nearby. Sorry, not sorry.

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9. When You Trust Celebrities

Twitter | @blackorchids

Those celebrity beauty endorsements always make everything look so polished and flawless, only the actual product may not always come through for you. Mega disappointing.

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10. When You Can't Re-create Pinterest

Reddit | fnord-prefect

Ah, those glorious pics on Pinterest. They always make it look easy. When in reality it's not as easy as it looks. Yum, sprinkles!

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11. When You Get Too Ambitious

Twitter | @DanielleSuzan

Okay, I get it. We all get suckered into thinking we can DIY something like this cool nail art. Face it, you're no Picasso.

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12. When Bad Things Happen To Good People


This looks like an epic nail polish fight or arts and crafts gone wrong. Either way, practice makes perfect. You'll get it.

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13. When Reality Sucks


I can definitely relate to this because I'm terrible when it comes to doing my own hair. This looked too elaborate to me from the start.

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14. When Makeup Turns Scary


She looks like she watched too many makeup contour tutorials online, but even so, she didn't quite get it. Maybe it'll work for Halloween though?

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15. When St Hits The Fan

Reddit | Ivey_Mom

I would just love to hear the explanation to this hair fiasco. Somehow I don't think anything would suffice at this point.

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16. When Cuteness Fails You

Reddit | blinkergoesleft

OMG, how adorable is this little hair bow? I'm in love with this look. On the other hand, this sad re-creation attempt is just pitiful.

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17. When You're In Pursuit Of That Perfect Shot

Imgur | deesmutts88

This is why we need professional photographers. Because your best friend and an iPhone don't always mean picture-perfect success. LOL.

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18. When Art Doesn't Come To Life


It's always so disappointing when you've had your heart set on a unique style only to end up with something resembling this.

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19. When Fiery Pink Fails You

Reddit | eraser_dust

Wow, this hair color would have been stunning if it turned out right. I think we need to go back to the drawing board with this look.

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20. When Home Dye Betrays You

Reddit | MintBB

And here, ladies and gentleman, is why you should never attempt to do the mermaid style hair on your own. You've been warned. Bad idea!

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21. When Jealousy Strikes


Don't be a hater. Just because your bridesmaid's makeup is more flawless than yours doesn't mean you should kick her out of the bridal party! Mean!

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22. When Your Look Says It All

Reddit | Yugen9x

They always tell you to bring a picture to the salon to show what look you're going for but what actually happened here?

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23. When You're No Makeup Artist

Reddit | gatorrrrr

Let's be honest here, makeup artists exist for a good reason. They have the skills and the tools to do the job right.

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24. When You Let Him Do It

Twitter | @naharmon887

Okay, what do you expect, really? Why would you let your boyfriend help you with any beauty-related stuff? They're clueless.

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