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Company Makes Cardboard Tanks And Planes For Cats For World Domination

We all know cats are here to take over the world. They are masters of deception, manipulation, and mass destruction. How do I know? Well this article is proof. These adorable demons have tricked us into making them weapons of mass destruction out of cardboard. The real kicker is, they look even cuter when riding around in them so we don't even notice what is really going on. World domination. Will I still be getting one for my cat? You bet I will. But I won't be happy about it.

Suck UK makes awesome cat toys for just about any occasion.

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Ever wonder what it would look like if a cat occupied an army tank?

Well, curiosity didn't kill the cat here. Just a take a peak for yourself.

Always wanted to see your cat drive a fire truck? Now you can.

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This cat looks ready for firefighting business.

We didn't know this is what we needed to see today, but it is.

They make cars, tanks, laptops, and airplanes.

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Did you know your cat needed a hot pink Barbie-inspired car? They do.

You're going to want to buy one of each for your cuddly little friend, for sure.

They are made entirely out of cardboard which makes them pet friendly and easy to assemble and store.

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It also makes them a lot safer than actually letting your cat attempt to fly an airplane.

How fun!

Interested in getting your cat their very own tank? Visit Amazon to get one of the six styles of cat playhouses!

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But if you choose to get your cat this turntable deck, be prepared to hear the Meow Mix song on repeat. Don't say I didn't warn you.