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Sparkly White Bridal Crocs Will Take Your Wedding To A Whole New, Weird Level

Now, I have never been a girl that's into traditional weddings, so whenever it does happen, mine will likely be a bit unusual.

For example, if it's my big day and it's supposed to be wonderful, you can darn well be certain that I'll be wearing comfortable shoes.

I'm talking a nice pair of flats or a low heel with tons of arch support.

No high heels for me on my special day, no siree.

So I can appreciate the appeal of a comfortable shoe, and for all their aesthetic faults, crocs are super comfy.

But for a WEDDING?

Etsy | Princess Pumps

Yes, apparently, because not only does Etsy shop Princess Pumps list their "Starlight Sequin Crystal Iris Croc Clogs" as a "Bridal Favorite," but as of this writing, there are 20 people with the items in their Etsy cart.

Though, I could maybe see them being good for the reception.

Etsy | Princess Pumps

You know, after the dinner is eaten, the toasts have been toasted, and the cake has been cut. When the bride usually switches out the gown for something a bit more fun and comfortable to party in.

Each pair is made to order and fully customizable. Plus, they have other color options.

Etsy | Princess Pumps

If you just can't get past the crocs part of the equation, the store also makes sequinned footwear of all different styles.

Admittedly, I've already added these sparkly red Converse sneakers to my wishlist.

Etsy | Princess Pumps

But what do you think about the idea of glittery crocs at a wedding? Is it a step too far?

You can check out the crocs and all the other styles over at Princess Pumps.