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Donkeys Known As 'Beer Burros' Can Serve Drinks At Your Wedding Reception

It seems that everyone is constantly trying to outdo one another with wedding reception ideas, but this is one trend I can get behind.

Apparently, couples are hiring donkeys, or beer burros, to serve drinks at their wedding receptions.

Um, what? That is amazing. I need the number for these donkeys ASAP.

Find out more about this cute and cuddly wedding trend!

Couples in Texas and California can hire these donkeys to serve drinks and snacks to their wedding guests.

The donkeys are known as "beer burros". I think they missed an opportunity by not going with "booze mules" but they are adorable either way.

Currently, there is one company in Texas that can arrange these furry and cuddly bartenders.

Texas Hill Country Events is responsible for this cute trend. The owner of the company also owns a ranch and had clients who began requesting the donkeys.

The donkeys wear custom sacks to carry their drinks and snacks.

But, don't worry. The sacks are never too heavy for the donkeys and more of a fun gag and for picture opportunities. Also, cuddles from guests and the happy couple are always appreciated.

Plus, did you notice their flower crowns?!

After seeing this trend go viral, I'm sure more couples are going to want these donkeys when they say "I do".

Donkeys have been underrated for so long and I'm glad they're having their moment in the spotlight. Move over, llamas! It's donkey town now!

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