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10+ Brides Who Rebelled Against Traditional Wedding Rules And Rocked It

Weddings are both fun and stressful to plan. While I haven't had to plan for one just yet, I know from the tales of close friends and family just how much effort goes into trying to make everyone happy.

And even though traditional weddings often seem like they're only about the people invited, many couples are taking the reigns and bending wedding traditions by doing what they want.

One Reddit user and their partner couldn't take the stress of planning a wedding anymore, so they did a "Pop Wedding."

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They opted for a small guest list, including many onlookers in the public space, and continued the celebrations at their favorite local brewery.

One bride and her husband went for a spooky low-key wedding.

They were married on Hallowe'en and had their guests all dress up in costumes.

They spent only around $600 and got to celebrate in style with around 18 close friends.

Everyone loves brunch!

Another Reddit user chose to give the people what they want with a small Sunday brunch wedding filled with mimosas and wine spritzers.

I'm upset that I wasn't invited!

Would you ever get married in a coffee shop? I know I am highly considering it.

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Reddit user NotEnoughSprinkles had a low-key wedding in a coffee shop. The shop owners did all the catering, which included the couple's wedding cake as well as appetizers instead of full meals.

Many couple choose to opt for a small and simple courthouse wedding.

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This Reddit user is keeping things super easy and simple. No bachelor/ bachelorette, no showers, no rehearsal dinner.

Just a courthouse ceremony and a small dinner afterward at a restaurant.

This bouquet definitely takes a turn to the darker side.

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Instead of soft colors for florals like pastel pinks, yellows, greens, and blues, this bride opted for black feathers, a crow skull, and blood red calla lilies and roses.

Definitely brings me back to my Hot Topic days.

One couple chose to completely surprise their families with a wedding when they weren't expecting it.

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They invited them all to a potluck "engagement party," only to reveal that it was actually a wedding. They quickly had a little ceremony all set up and everyone quickly joined into their roles.

This couple decided to wear costumes, because why not.

This way, no one actually gets caked and they can come out of the cake cutting as fresh as they were before!

Who says you have to wear a white gown in 2019?

This look is still so classy and bridal, yet nontraditional.

This combo will definitely make a lot of brides go to the dark side!

This bride went for an ultra colorful bouquet.

This definitely strays from the typical light and soft-colored floral arrangements that are plastered across Pinterest and Instagram these days.

Super refreshing and fun!

One couple intends on getting married at city hall, but with a twist.

They plan on having around 200 motorcycle attendees lined out front. To cap off the festivities, they're going to jam to a few rock bands at the reception.

Sound's like a rockin' good time!

Would you forfeit the symbol of eternal love?

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One Reddit couple did just that. They ditched spending dollars on rings and also celebrated at a Mexican restaurant and didn't get all fancied up.

Sounds like my kind of wedding!

The bouquet toss is one of the main events at a wedding reception and gets lots of single ladies nervous in anticipation to be put in the spotlight and fight for the chance at marriage.

But many are backing away from this and opting to keep the bouquet for themselves.

Going to Japan is definitely one grand way to have a destination wedding.

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This couple traveled in Japan for three weeks and had a small brunch with their family when they returned.

Wow! Check out this stunning bouquet that pays homage to the "something blue" tradition, yet also defies a traditional wedding bouquet altogether.

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This one is in honor of the magical Harry Potter series!