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Dateless Teen Wins The Internet With Custom Half-Dress, Half-Suit Ensemble For Prom

Prom season is here and that means you're likely going to see a bunch of teens showing off their fabulous gowns and slick tuxedos.

Well, one teen decided that instead of wearing the usual suit and tie combo, he would make something a little different. He designed his own custom outfit that made light of his single status.

This is one DIY prom creation you have to see.

Wyatt Cheatle didn't have a date for his prom, so he and his mom decided to do something a little different.

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After one of Wyatt' siblings joked that he should wear a dress, he got the idea to do just that.

Wyatt and his mom raided the local thrift store and gathered all their supplies for less than $25.

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They selected a lavender men's dress shirt, a fuschia pussy bow shirt, a black skirt and dress pants. Then, they got to work.

Here's a peek at the front of the outfit. Honestly, I'm loving the bow.

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Even though the outfit was created last minute, you wouldn't know it.

And Wyatt was also very involved in the design and creation of the whole thing.

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He helped his mom remove stitches and put it all together.

For the final look, a family friend helped Wyatt with his makeup and got him ready for the big night.

Here's a look at the full outfit.

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He is working it! I really love all the creativity that went into this. That's how to make the Best Dressed list at prom, am I right?

OMG, the corsage!!

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They really did think of everything, huh?

You may have noticed that Wyatt's shoes don't quite match, but that's because they were pressed for time and couldn't get the right pair. Still, sneakers are way more comfortable anyways.

On Reddit, where Wyatt's mom shared the photos, many people applauded Wyatt's creativity and sense of humor.

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There's nothing better than seeing a young man express himself and according to his mom, Wyatt's custom outfit was well-recieved by his peers, too. In fact, it's gaining national attention after being featured in the local paper and Yahoo!

However, there were some trolls who tried to tear Wyatt down.

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His mom was pretty quick to shut those haters down though. Seriously, who tries to bully a teenager online after doing something as awesome as this?

Other Redditors were also quick to defend Wyatt.

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Overall, people were impressed with this creative and hilarious idea. It definitely wins the award for Most Creative Prom outfit in my book.