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21 Prom Dresses We Can't Believe People Actually Made

There are those of us who are happy to get that gorgeous prom dress straight from the store racks and then there are those special people who embark on making their own masterpiece.

Let's take a look at some stunning dresses people made that will put all those store-bought dresses to shame.

When Prom Gets Elevated

Twitter | @kendallfedore

Talk about making a grand entrance in this gorgeous prom dress. And the fact it was home-made makes it that much more special.

When You Can't Rush Talent

Imgur | fanzbeans

Look at all those intricate details of this bodice. This, ladies and gentleman, must've taken hours to make. But it was well worth it.

When You're Looking So Fly

Twitter | @ireonaaa

I mean, I would never guess this dress wasn't store-bought if I didn't read the caption. This is real talent people.

When You're Matchy-Matchy

Twitter | @EraEmporium

How cute is this couple? Not only did she make an African-inspired prom dress but she made a matching bowtie and pocket square for her date.

When You're Trash Chic

Twitter | @AmberScholl

So this popular YouTuber wowed her online audience when she embarked on an ambitious project to make a prom dress out of garbage bags.

And when she showed up in this, let's just say people had a lot to say.

Twitter | @AmberScholl

Some really loved her creativity and others really hated it. What do you say?

When You Upcycle Mom's Old Dress

Imgur | sheorhe

If you don't want to make a dress from scratch, why not just transform mom's dress instead like this girl did? Super cute!

When You're On Budget And Fierce

Twitter | @succthyass

Staying on budget is not a problem for this lady. Apparently, she made this dress with her mom for only $100. Impressive.

When You're Sewing Away

Twitter | @Angelesstyle_

I'm not gonna sugarcoat this for you, but you better believe that making your own prom dress is a labor-intensive process.

Now, when you see what this dress looks like in the end, you can definitely see why all that effort was so worth it.

Twitter | @Angelesstyle_

This is better than I imagined.

It's All In The Details

Twitter | @kardashdeb

I can't get over how gorgeous this DIY dress turned out. I mean look at all those amazing details on that long train.

When Your Dress Gets Featured In A Magazine

Instagram | @mindofkye

You know you're on to something really spectacular when your home-made prom dress gets featured in Vogue and Marie Claire magazines.

When Construction Is Key

Twitter | @AnanyaMalagi

I'm always amazed when I see people put together pieces of fabric to create a stunning outfit. I would totally be clueless where to start.

When You've Got $15

Instagram | @bluexheeta

So who says prom dresses have to take you to the cleaners? This crafty girl even hand-stitched the flowers when her sewing machine broke.

I think the end result of this dress is definitely worthy of "Project Runway".

Twitter | @AnanyaMalagi

And the choice of the fabric and the color is simply perfection, in my humble opinion.

When Creativity Wins

Imgur | caribbeanamphibian

This girl literally just made my day. Why you ask? Because her dress is entirely made of soda can tabs! I mean, really? I'm speechless now.

When You Up The Ante

Instagram | @the.officialmj

So you got your dress from Fashion Nova, only you don't want to look like everyone else. Just make it your own and voilĂ .

When You're An Art Lover

Twitter | @mahwashajaz_

Sometimes an old wedding dress deserves a new life. And boy did it get that with this hand-painted Van Gogh transformation. Incredible!

When You're A Greek Goddess

Instagram | @the_therinde

Why settle for that typical prom dress silhouette when you can have a self-made Greek goddess-inspired number instead? This is really unique and pretty.

When You're A Satin Lover

Instagram | @biaedwards_

This dress is absolutely glowing and just stunning to look at. And it was made with love by this lovely lady and her mom.

When You're Simple But Stunning

Instagram | @tia.berarr

Not every dress has to be so elaborate because sometimes simplicity is even better. Look at this gorgeous gown that's beautifully understated.

When Your Dress Is Dreamy

Instagram | @aklu.mode

This whimsical dress totally fits in with this winter wonderland scene because the sequined tulle is simply magical. It's like a fairy tale.

When You're A Two Piece Beauty

Instagram | @noemiedresses

Here's another gorgeous two-piece number that's just so soft and pretty, and literally perfect for a lovely prom night. Way to go!

When You're A Showstopper

Instagram | @atijanaa

This red carpet-worthy gown was made by a YouTuber and DIY queen and I can see why she gets all the attention. Total stunner.