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This 'Bachelor' Couple Held An 'Ultrasound Party' At Their Baby Shower

There are so many ways parents can share photos of their children these days. Most of us opt to share cute pics on Instagram and tag family members, but one Bachelor couple has taken parental sharing to a whole new level.

At their baby shower, Arie Luyendyk Jr. and his wife, Lauren, had a live ultrasound so guests could "meet" their baby.

This ultrasound party is definitely garnering some attention online.

You probably remember Arie Luyendyk Jr. from his days on "The Bachelor".

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You may recall that Arie made the extremely controversial decision to break up with Becca (on national television) after her proposed to her (also on national televison), and try and rekindle things with the show's runner-up, Lauren.

Well, as it turns out, Arie and Lauren were able to make it work.

He proposed to Lauren (also on national television — sensing a trend yet?) and she said, "Yes!"

It went down in Bachelor history as one of the most dramatic moments on the show and that's saying A LOT. Seriously, have you ever watched it?

Arie and Lauren married in January 2019.

I'll give them this, their wedding looks gorgeous. I know it was a bit of a rocky road for them, but congrats, guys!

Arie also took to Instagram to announce that he and Lauren were expecting their first child together.

There's nothing I love more than an itty bitty Bachelor baby. I guess Lauren was the one after all.

They seem super stoked to become parents.

In typical millenial fashion, both of their Instagram feeds are filled with cute photos of them getting ready to become parents. It's actually the sweetest thing.

Lauren even shared images of their baby's ultrasound on Instagram.

Oh, wow, they're just going all in, eh? Well, it's nice to meet you baby Luyendyk!

The couple hasn't stopped at just sharing ultrasound photos though. Apparently, they threw an "ultrasound party" for their baby to let friends and family meet the little one at their baby shower.

Lauren laid down on a table and a technician with a mobile ultrasound unit performed the scan on the spot.

Two pregnant guests at the shower reportedly also had an ultrasound done at the shower, because why not?

Since ultrasound parties are a relatively new thing, people had some reactions to this news.

A few people on Twitter thought this was taking oversharing too far, but to be fair, this couple did meet on a reality TV show. Would you really expect anything different?

But some people are definitely not here for this idea.

I get it. It's just a little too.. personal? Intimate? Let's just leave baby showers at the cake and gifts and corny games. I think having an impromptu ultrasound might be going a little far.

What do you think?