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People Are Dragging This Company For Its 'Plus-Size' Lingerie Ads That Feature Thin Models

We know that diversity and body-positivity has been making some major strides in the fashion industry the last few years.

We have models like Ashley Graham creating sexy lingerie especially for plus-size curves, but there are still some companies that are wayyy behind the times.

Find out way Twitter is calling out one company for their offensive and problematic "plus-size" ads.

Many lingerie companies have become more diverse and body-positive in the last few years.

Aerie made the decision to stop photoshopping its models years ago. They have chosen brand ambassadors from all walks of life and with diverse body types for the company's campaigns.

And then there's this company's tactic.

Plus Size Baby

An online store called Plus Size Baby is getting some heat after Twitter discovered that the company uses thin women to model the clothes by stretching the garment's excess fabric.

I have so many questions.

They even use these photos for their social media campaigns.

Honestly, this is is so bizarre and just plain offensive. I've never seen a company market plus-size clothes this way, and that's probably for good reason.

Twitter had a lot of feelings about these photos.

Spoiler alert: they weren't good feelings, either.

Like me, many people were just flat-out confused and wondering why on earth anyone would think this is okay.

The really confusing thing is that there are pictures of plus-size models on the site.

So why didn't they use them for the photos? You'd think that would be the most logical solution, but nope, I guess not.

Some people wondered if the company had an issue with seeing plus-size women in lingerie.

Newsflash: Plus-size women wear lingerie, too! And they look gorgeous in it. This, on the other hand, is extremely problematic.

It doesn't stop there, though.

Plus Size Baby

The site also has photos of models "wearing" plus-size leggings like this. WTF?! My brain hurts from trying to figure out how anyone thought this was a good idea.

As you would expect, people were also not happy with these photos.

Ugh, just, ugh. These photos actually dehumanize and shame plus-size women, when we should be striving to empower their beauty.

One person did offer an explanation as to why these photos existed.

It looks like the photos originate from a Chinese wholesaler, so while that doesn't excuse them by any means, at least we know where the photos came from.

Thankfully, it looks like people called out this company and recognized what they were doing was wrong. On the whole, I think we'll see more body-positive ads and anything resembling these photos will be promptly thrown in a dumpster fire.