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7+ Photos That Show The Difference Between Weddings On Instagram Vs. Weddings In Real Life

Don't you just love staring at those perfect and so Instagrammable wedding day photos? They make it all look like everything always goes flawlessly and without a hitch.

In real life, things do happen and when they do it can either be really hilarious or a total disaster.

Take a look at these photos that sum up how weddings are supposed to look vs. how they usually look in real life.

Perfect Wedding Cakes On Instagram

I love admiring all those gorgeous wedding cakes on Instagram. I mean so much love and care goes into them, it's really amazing.

Real Life Wedding Cake Disasters

You have to give it to this couple. At least they were laughing when their wedding cake toppled over instead of crying. Good for them.

Instagram Confetti Shot

I totally don't blame anyone who's looking to get that perfect Instagram confetti wedding day shot. Because if it looks like this it's simply gorgeous.

Real Life Confetti Fail

I feel bad for that guy who was in charge of dispensing confetti right on the spot. But at least this couple was in good spirits.

Instagram Sparkler Exit Shot

Who doesn't want to recreate this type of champagne exit shot when it looks absolutely fabulous. I can't imagine a more perfect end to the day.

Real Life Champagne Fail

Oh no, I don't envy this poor groomsman who got picked to pop that champagne. World of advice, always aim away from the bride's face. LOL.

Instagram Bouquet Throwing Shot

It's a hard job to try to capture that candid bouquet toss. But when you do it's always a magical wedding picture keepsake.

Real Life Bouquet Throwing Fiasco

If only practice made perfect, then maybe this poor bridesmaid wouldn't end up with a bouquet in her face instead of a good catch.

Instagram Walk Down The Aisle

Everyone wants those great professional shots taken while you walk down the aisle. And they sure look stunning on Instagram when all goes perfect.

Real Life Walk Down The Aisle Mishap

It all looks good until someone rudely interrupts the ceremony, right? Or even worse when they step on the bride's wedding gown train.

Instagram Wedding Ceremony

Why does every Instagram wedding ceremony shot looks absolutely perfect in each and every way? This is giving me serious wedding envy here. How about you?

Real Life Wedding Ceremony Fail

I can't stress this enough but you really need to visit your venue to make sure there isn't any construction going on. Unfortunate photobomb?

Instagram Wedding Day Bouncy Castle

Finding something fun for you and your guests to do on your wedding day is on everyone's list. This bouncy castle idea looks so cool.

Real Life Bouncy Castle Accident

Even though I still think this bouncy castle is a great idea for a wedding day activity, just make sure you have a backup suit.

Instagram Rustic Country Wedding


I feel like everyone dreams of having a rustic-style wedding out in the countryside.

It offers peace, serenity, and great timeless photo opportunities.

Real Life Country Wedding Photo Bomb Fail

Instagram | @martinfoto.se

Farmers don't stop their regular farming schedule for no one, especially not a wedding!

While this seems like a fail, it definitely suits the occasion.

Instagram Wedding Photo With Pet

Instagram | @herecomestheguide

Our furbabies are considered family just as our human family members are, so of course it makes sense to include them in the wedding festivities.

Real Life Wedding Photo With Pet

However, when nature calls for our pets, it can make for a pretty hilarious and memorable photo when the act is caught on camera.

Hey, wedding photo shoots take forever!

Instagram Ceremony Exit

Yes, this is exactly how wedding ceremony exits should be —filled with bubbles, and smiles, and the perfect walk down the steps without tripping on the dress.

Real Life Ceremony Exit

They don't always happen that way.

While the bride made it down, the groom had a little bit of trouble. Maybe a good reason not to throw rice at the bride and groom while they walk down the steps.