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11+ Hilarious Wedding Party Photos You'll Want To Copy On Your Big Day

Weddings can be so much fun especially when you come up with a creative idea to celebrate your special day.

So it's no surprise that some people don't want to settle for just the typical wedding party photos. You know, those boring, staged pictures that make everyone looks so stiff?

Instead, these folks made sure their wedding photos looked totally unique by creating hilarious situations.

1. Ready To Rumble

Reddit | funran

How would you feel if you encountered this fierce wedding party? These ladies look like they seriously mean business. Ha ha ha, I love this picture!

2. Giant Dino Attack

Reddit | StinkStar

I recently wrote about a new trend for wedding party photos and that's the staged "attack" wedding party photos. Here's another fun idea for you.

3. Soap Opera

Reddit | HeyGirlLemmePikachu

How clever is this wedding party trying to act like an overdramatic soap opera cast in this great photo? I absolutely dig this idea. So original.

4. Groomsmen Pyramid

Imgur | JDuhammer

Groomsmen shots can sometimes look really awkward and stiff especially if they don't really know each other. But this bunch looks like they're having a grand time.

5. Passed Out Fun

Reddit | gstache

This group looks like they never want to leave anyone out. Even though one of them passed out, they're still included in the picture. LOL!

6. Another Attack

Reddit | StinkStar

Looks like this wedding "attack" photo idea isn't going away anytime soon so get used to seeing more of these types of shots. Photoshop to the rescue.

7. Epic Attack

Reddit | just___whelmed

As I said, attack photos are all the rage now. This one is no exception in the way it shows that you can have that much more fun.

8. Epic Fail

Reddit | gq1412

Now if you're trying to take a different wedding party photo just don't get mad if things don't go exactly according to plan as it did here.

9. Photobombed

Reddit | fozzyfreakingbear

Speaking of not getting upset when things don't go as planned, isn't this the coolest and most spontaneous wedding party photobomb? I would keep this picture for sure. He even matches the bridal party!

10. Rap It!

So this isn't exactly a picture, but isn't it just too cool that these bridesmaids party made an amazing rap video just for the occasion? So awesome.

11. Get The Waterworks Going

Reddit | shibbybear

I can't get over this over-the-top wedding party photo. There are so many emotions going on in this picture I don't even know where to start.

12. Wedding Disaster

Reddit | jcliff219

And one more time for good measure. Make sure this doesn't happen to you on your wedding day. Not sure how they recovered from this disaster! OMG.

13. Everyone's A Superhero

R&R Photography

And how about this for super cool imagination? Clearly, everyone is super pumped to be in this fun photo. What a neat idea, I'm really loving this.

These wedding photos are totally changing my mind about what I would like to do on my special day.

Just as long as I can avoid getting soaked, lol.