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These Photos Of High School Sweethearts Then And Now Gave Us All The Feels

Love is something to celebrate. And in this day and age with the divorce rates going through the roof, it's especially nice to see that some couples do make it work.

I found these sweet pictures of high school sweethearts that prove to us all that love can conquer all and just keeps getting stronger.

1. Wow, look at these two cuties.

Instagram | @fitbygin

They really haven't changed that much since their high school days. These two love bugs have me feeling all lovey-dovey inside. Ah, love!

2. It's nice to see how down to earth this couple is.

Instagram | @bluewynds

Looks like love was in the air even back then in their high school years. Ohhh so sweet.

3. Ha ha these two seem like a fun loving couple even back in the day.

Instagram | @mmhodge

And now they look just as happy as they were before. Good for them.

4. Nothing could have kept these two love-stricken high schoolers apart.

Instagram | @glliuzzi

And how pretty is this home-made senior dance dress? 24 years later and still going strong. Impressive.

5. These two teenagers surely fell in love with each other fast.

Instagram | @who_is_bobbie

And now look at them having a total blast at their wedding. This wedding picture cracks me up.

6. These two may seem a bit awkward taking this picture next to one another but that doesn't seem the case these days when they catch the game together.

Instagram | @danyellmarie26

Too cute!

7. How cute are these two together circa high school days of 2008?

Instagram | @annamarie36

And now they're still hanging out, tasting good wine, and sharing that great company together.

8. Not even military life could have kept these two love birds away from each other.

They'll move across three states just to keep their love growing stronger and stronger.

9. These two have definitely lived a rich life having each other by their side.

Reddit | jajca_i_krompira

From high school sweethearts, they're still smiling from ear to ear next to one another.

10. These two have been together for eight years and now they're embarking on a new chapter in their lives being husband and wife.

Reddit | slbg2011

I wish them all the luck.

11. These cuties first met in Sunday school.

Reddit | WayneHonaker

Then they became high school sweethearts. And now after 13 years together they're expecting their first child. Wow, congratulations! So amazing.

12. This super retro photo is giving me all the loving feels.

Instagram | @thefabulouschrissheldon

These two have been skipping school together since 1986 and they're still having fun together. Love the beard!

13. These high school sweethearts have followed their dreams of becoming doctors together.

Reddit | TYGP

And it's obvious their love for each other helped them accomplish such lofty life goals.

Who says love doesn't last, huh?

These super cute couples are giving me the hope that I will be looking down the memory lane years from now just like this.

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