You Can Now Get Matching Outfits For You And Your Dog

Dogs are a man's best friend so why not do something that BFFs do? For example, matching outfits.

One company is setting out to make that possible with their brand new line.

Online retailer Studio is the company behind the collection.

The site sells a wide variety of products including home goods, toys, apparel and more recently, a pup-friendly collection.

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The puppy and owner sweaters come in a variety of colors.

Available in neon yellow and neon pink, the human version of the outfit is a cute cable-knit sweater.

For the pup, the sweater is in a matching color and includes an adorable little hoodie.

OMG, how cute is he?!

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There's even animal print for those are a little on the wild side.

The sweaters for the humans cost only £13 or $17 USD and the doggie sweaters are £8 or $10 USD.

This is actually kind of cute you guys!

Sidebar: there's something so amusing to me about an animal wearing another animal print.

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It turns out there's a decent sized market for matching dog outfits.

"You bet your ass my dog and I are gonna get matching outfits!!

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How can I get one?

Unfortunately, those who are outside of the UK will have to admire this from a distance.

As of right now, Studio doesn't appear to offer any international shipping.

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