This Avocado Pool Float Is Perfect For The Most Millennial Summer Ever

It's finally starting to get warm out and that means summer. Which means pool and beach season! Woo!

Well, actually, it means that I find an excuse to not be around to help my family open their pool — I've dealt with that heavy, muddy tarp enough for my lifetime — and then it's pool season.

Since I can't swim, pool season means that it's time to get myself a new flotation device.

My family dog enjoys pool floaties. We can get him his boats and inevitably, even if we try to keep him away from certain ones, they all get popped in the end.

That means we have to replace them every year.

I may have found the perfect one for this summer. It's an avocado!


Yes, I am a millennial and yes, I realize that this is leaning into a stereotype.

For the record, I don't actually enjoy avocado that much. Even in guac, I like to add so much garlic that the avocado is secondary.

But this is too cute to worry about feeding those stereotypes.


It's a good shape for lounging and the "pit" is actually a beach ball, so it's kind of two-in-one in terms of pool season fun.

Searching Amazon, it turns out that a lot of companies have realized the potential of the avocado floaty.


Some are nicer than others. Like, I don't understand the ones that choose to have a brown interior. Why would I want to float in an overripe avocado?

Plus, not all of them have the included pit.


Really, I think that sells the whole thing. If you're going to go full avocado for summer, then lean into it and get one with a pit.