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Fans Think Prince William And Kate Middleton Totally Dissed Meghan Markle On Instagram

Meghan Markle is just days (weeks? months?) away from giving birth to her first child, and if there's one thing Khloé Kardashian can teach Duchess Meghan about pregnancy, it's that pre-labour stress is an absolute not.

This means avoiding cheating basketball players social media drama and finding support from friends and family.

But what if your family is part of the reason why you're so stressed?

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Tragically, the media is really out here trying to start drama between the royals — specifically between Meghan and Kate Middleton.

The rumors have been relentless, and people have been so effing MEAN.

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I love Meghan Markle so much and I refuse to even acknowledge any trash humans trying to rain on her parade.

Remember when George Clooney had to speak out in her defense, because the madness wouldn't STOP?

He said Meghan was being "pursued and vilified" by the media, much like our beloved Princess Diana, may she rest in peace.

Cut to yesterday, Her Majesty The Queen turned a whopping 93-years-old!

I know, right? She is a timeless cherub angel and I live for her.

To celebrate the occasion, the Kensington Palace Instagram page posted this pic of William, Kate, half of Harry's head, baby Charlotte, toddler George, Prince Philip and of course, THE QUEEN!

Cute pic, right?

Welllllllll, some fans were noticing that Meghan wasn't included in this family photo.

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"Not a good display of brotherly love in excluding Prince Harry's wife Megan. Sends the wrong message to the world from the King one day to be," one user wrote.

Then, things got bumped up a notch when the Sussex Royals Instagram page made their birthday post. Harry and Meghan didn't post a picture with Will and Kate.

Do I smell an Insta fued?????

But guys, I totally figured it out and have officially become the royal therapist.

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The Kensington Palace Instagram page pic was from the Queen's 90th birthday eleganza!

Look how small the kids are and sweet baby Prince Louis isn't even in this pic because he wasn't even born yet.

Should they have chosen a more recent pic? Maybe. Maybe not.

Check out this video clip from the event three years ago:

See guys, it *totally* wasn't a personal attack on our sweet Meghers!

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OMFG, it's like the focus should be on the queen and not petty drama? :O Who knew?!

In other, less petty news, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge just shared this cute as heck photo of little Prince Louis ahead of his very first birthday.

Although we're sure people will find a way to turn this into a petty mess, too. Oh well!