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This Ridiculous Shirt Makes It look Like People's Nipples Are Sticking Out

I've never been one to care much about fashion. There are certain colors I like over others, but aside from that, I'm more interested in wearing comfortable clothes than catching people's eyes.

At the same time, I'm aware that others have different priorities. Some folks are willing to sacrifice a little comfort as long as they can achieve a certain aesthetic and more power to them.

However, it's hard to imagine too many people lining up to buy one particular shirt, especially once they see what happens when you wear something over it.

For the most part, if we see someone wearing an outfit that stands out, it's on purpose.

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Whether they're feeling particularly bright and expressive that day or they're out to turn heads, the reactions they get aren't likely to come as a surprise.

However, those who wear one strangely decorated shirt might end up with more attention than they bargained for.

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On its own, the shirt seems like it would blend in fairly well with a crowd. The little ornaments are kind of strange and they could get in the way, but they're not terribly shocking.

At worst, someone might tell the wearer they look like they're doing motion capture work for a video game.

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Even if they meant that as an insult, it's hard to take it that way when it essentially means, "you look like you have an interesting job."

However, as soon as someone tries to wear a sweater over it, the real design flaw reveals itself.

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The unfortunate placement of two of the little balls has led Reddit users to call this the "shirt you can't wear anything over, unless you want to look like you have permanent pokey nipples."

It's hard to put it more eloquently than that.

Of course, this led people to wonder how this design was approved in the first place.

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Was the decision to put those two add-ons at the nipple line intentional as some way of trolling their customers? Did somebody just want the world to have more "pokey nipples" no matter the cost?

If not, did the concept of people wearing layers completely elude a clothing manufacturer's executives?

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After all, the weather does have a way of switching between cold and warm temperatures at certain times of year. And it's not like every building is heated exactly the same way.

Whatever the reason, it seems this shirt only works as prank fodder now.

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I suppose someone could get some amusement out of undoing their sweater and flashing an impish smile while some poor soul awkwardly tries to explain what they're seeing.