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7+ Regrettable Fashion Trends From The 90s That Are Totally Making A Comeback

From butterfly clips to platform shoes, fashion trends in the 90s were both epic and embarrassing.

Here's a look back at some of the best (and worst) trends that take us back to our childhood.

Platform sandals

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If your older sister didn't have a pair of these then your young, "hip" aunt definitely had them.

Chunky heels didn't apply to just sandals though. In the 90s we wore platform everything. Flip-flops, boots, high-heels, you name it.

Crop tops

Whether it was crop tops or tube tops, showing off your belly button was the norm for anyone under the age of 25.

Bonus points if you paired it with low-rise jeans.

Mood rings

Do you remember how happy you were to get your first mood ring? We knew those cheap little things didn't work, but we'd still look at all the colors and decode what they meant.

On the bright side though, they were pretty good excuse to tell your crush that you liked them.

"Did you know blue means you're in love?" flutters eyelashes

Choker necklaces

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Growing up in the 90s, having a choker was almost like a right of passage. Everyone had them and, to be fair, it was pretty easy to get your hands on them.

I still remember the day I got my matching choker and bracelet in a $1 surprise bag and thought I hit the jackpot!

Pedal Pushers

Ah, pedal pushers. The ill-fitting bottoms that weren't exactly capri pants and didn't count as cropped pants.

Why did we even call them pedal pushers? Or better yet, why did we think this trend was a good idea?

Anything plaid

It didn't matter what type of trends you followed, if you grew up in the 90s there's a good chance you had at least one plaid item in your closet.

And of course, who could forget the classic plaid skirt suits Cher and Dionne wore in Clueless?

Style icons.

Snap button pants

Sadly I never owned a pair of these epic pants but I always used to stare in envy and admiration at my peers who did.

I mean, how cool was it that you could leave a few buttons undone for the ultimate flared pant look?

Or even better, being able to snatch your pants right off in one superhero-esque movement.

Butterfly clips

Even though they looked pretty juvenile, everyone was wearing butterfly clips in their hair during the 90s.

Let's not forget how essential they were for achieving the perfect spiky half up and half down hairstyle we all wore.