This Bread Pillow Is Available On Amazon For Some Culinary Cuddles

With so many people on keto diets, one would have a lot of reason to assume that nowadays, carbs are often considered the enemy.

However, it may be a little more complicated than that as it can't be a coincidence that as this diet concept gains popularity, so too do comfy heating pads that look like pizza, blankets that look like tortillas, and pillows that look like donuts.

And if any household item can confirm that carbs are more forbidden than outright reviled, it's the mother of all carb-influenced pillows.

That's right, Amazon is selling pillows that look like freshly baked loaves of bread.


And those who want them have a lot of different sizes to choose from. The product page lists the largest one at 39.4 inches, but 31.5-inch, 23.6-inch, and 11.8-inch versions are also available.

Customers have called it "adorable" and "unique," but the most important question concerns how comfortable it is.


As Insider reported, the initial customer reviews when the product went up for sale confirmed that it's very soft and comfortable, with special praise going to the pillow's stuffing.

One in particular said, "Great for naps! Not for snacks!"


It's unclear whether they discovered both of these qualities on their own because we would normally think that second part would go without saying.

I suppose it does look pretty life-like...

However, it seems the original listing with these reviews has been removed, as the current offer doesn't feature any of them.


Based on Insider's report, that listing also didn't feature the 39.4-inch size, so it seems they've made some adjustments since they started.

That change also addressed a common issue customers experienced where the largest size available at the time wasn't as big as it appeared in photos.

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This may also explain why the seller left a note on their page, which says, "There is a slight error in manual measurement."

It also said that depending on your screen display, the real pillow's color might not reflect the one in the photo either.

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That's just as well, though. After all, it's not like we haven't become used to eating food that looks different from the ads.

However, the extra size and these notes aren't the only way the seller has adjusted their page.

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At the time of Insider's report, the 31.5-inch version of the pillow cost about $11.50. Now, it's listed at about $39.

But if that doesn't scare you, enjoy and curl up with this fluffy, comfy bread pillow.