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This Burrito Blanket Feels As Soft And Warm As We Like The Real Thing

When we feel particularly chilly or we've just had a day that we'd never like to repeat, some of us just want to curl up and surround ourselves in warmth. And on those bad days, it's easy not to want to look at anything like we're putting the whole world on time-out.

If we had a burrito for lunch that day, burrowing into a life-sized one of those might seem like the perfect solution. And now, it looks like we'll be able to judge that for ourselves.

As the week began, these photos hit Reddit to some fanfare.

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It seems that everyone who wanted to crawl into a nice, warm burrito had finally got their wish. They had confirmation that such a blanket existed.

Of course, the next question was who they could throw money at to get one?

Etsy | Vesaints

The answer, it turns out is the Vesaints Etsy store, which is selling a blanket that looks like a tortilla on both sides.

The blanket is five feet in diameter, which leaves enough room for most of us to wrap our selves completely in it.

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Of course, those of us who are closer to six feet tall will find that our burrito isn't wrapped totally securely, but having a couple of feet sticking out definitely isn't on the same level as the messy security breaches we can get with real burritos.

It's also supposed to be made from 100% microfiber.

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This means it's made from tiny strands of a synthetic material that's a lot like silk and it's also supposed to be as super absorbent as it is super soft.

With that in mind, it's no surprise that the company that makes them also recommends using them as beach towels.

Etsy | Vesaints

So whether you're wrapping yourself up with the burrito blanket or just curling up on it like a soft taco before somebody picks it up, it's got you covered.

They do seem to have plenty of fans online.

The burrito blanket is a way of life for some folks out there, not just a deliciously stylish home decor option.

And for the younger crowd, it's as much of a toy as it is a source of comfort and warmth.

This kid is onto something - and wrapping this kind of burrito is even more fun that the real thing.

Of course, what you do with your burrito blanket is up to you.

Is a burrito blanket unprofessional? I guess it depends on your workplace, but this person seems to have found a perfectly legitimate application at work.

The only problem is that if you want this, you're far from the only one, so there might be some shipping delays.

Etsy | Vesaints

But if you've got no problems with being patient, this burrito blanket can be all yours for about $41.

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