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People Can't Agree On Whether Skincare Fridges Are Genius Or Useless

Yes, skincare fridges are in-fact a thing. And people can't stop talking about this peculiar new beauty appliance.

You're probably wondering what on earth is a skincare fridge?

Well, it's essentially a miniature fridge that's marketed for storing your beauty products.

They're itsy-bitsy fridges that are usually pink and small enough to fit on top of your vanity.

The concept of refrigerating isn't new though.

It's long been believed that cold face creams are best for reducing puffiness and keeps your skin looking more youthful.

Plus there's a good chance you remember your mother storing her eye creams on the refrigerator door.

Still, the skincare fridge is regaining popularity and people can't seem to agree on it

YouTuber Safiya Nygaard went to Twitter to discuss her new purchase and asked, "have I gone too far?"

Some people said it's a waste of money and electricity.

While other Twitter users like @gabbyneedsdeath suggested that people simply store their skincare in their normal fridge.

Overall, the skincare fridge seems to be a hit in the beauty world.

And who can blame them? They are so cute! Plus, they can double as a place to keep drinks and snacks, making it perfect for my pre-party routine.