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7+ So-Called 'Smart' Parenting Hacks That Are Actually Just Lies

There are tons of parenting hacks circulating out there on the internet, but not all of them are equal. While there are tons of helpful ideas out there, there are some that are questionable at best.

I've rounded up some popular online parenting hacks that in theory, look smart, but in actuality would be helpful to no parent. Let's take a look.

Just... don't do this.

Reddit | robertgfthomas

If your baby isn't able to hold their bottle yet, then you need to be the one holding it. Setting up your baby's bottle like this can be very dangerous and can lead to choking or death.

FYI: This won't work.

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My son would be able to peel those bandages off in a few seconds flat. Just spend the money on some real outlet covers, okay?

Neither will this.

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Again, my son would be able to break these open pretty quickly and he's not even two-years-old. Toddler strength is a real thing and it's super-human.

Cute, but my only question is, why?

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I'm all for cute parenting DIYs but who has time to do this? Seriously? Plus wouldn't it make a mess all over your kid's pillowcase? Just give them a regular dollar.

This is clever but I feel like there's an easier solution.

This mom has her kid eat messy snacks in this tub to keep the carpet clean. Isn't that kind of what a high chair is for, though?

Just cut strawberries like every other human on the planet.


Unless you have lots of time to poke off the stems of strawberries, use a knife like everyone else. It's faster. Trust me.

How would this even work??

Someone suggested putting your kids' PJs on backward to avoid any potential diaper removal. In theory, it sounds like a good idea, but how would you get the feet on? Also that can't be comfortable for the kid.

Who came up with this terrifying hack?


Someone had the "genius" idea to draw a new face on the neck of a decapitated Barbie doll. This is terrifying! Way to give a child nightmares.

Tricking your kids into taking their medicine.

Reddit | goodlyearth

I feel that when it comes to parenting, honesty is usually the best policy. Now if this works, then I guess it's no harm done, but if it doesn't, have fun cleaning up the mess that's made when your kid spits this out.