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Parents Share Powerful Baby Announcement That Sheds Light On Infertility

For many expecting parents, sharing the news that you're pregnant is very exciting. Thanks to social media, people are getting really creative with their baby announcements these days.

After struggling to get pregnant for years, one couple decided to share a powerful message with their baby announcement. Now they're being praised for their honesty and for shedding light on this topic.

Lauren and Garyt Walker were eager to start their family.

Facebook | Lauren Walker

However, they soon realized that they were unable to conceive on their own and turned to IVF (in vitro fertilization) to help them.

Sadly, during the treatments, Lauren and Garyt lost five of their embryos.

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"My darkest hour was going through an entire cycle and losing embryo after embryo; 5. Coming so far only to miscarry. Getting to where all the hope, the money, all of what could have been your children were gone," Lauren wrote in a Facebook post.

After trying for nearly two and a half years, they finally got to make the announcement they had been waiting for.

Facebook | Lauren Walker

When the couple discovered they were expecting twins, they decided to share the news in a way that captured their joy but also the struggle that went into creating their family.

Their photo of two baby onesies surrounded by the needles they had used during their fertility treatments quickly went viral.

Facebook | Lauren Walker

Many people had a strong emotional reaction to the photo as they offered their congratulations to the couple.

For others who had struggled with infertility, this photo struck a cord.

Facebook | Lauren Walker

According to Lauren, they used 452 needles over the course of their treatments. The physical pain they went through was nothing compared to the emotional pain they endured during that time.

Many people applauded the couple for shedding light on infertility.

Facebook | Lauren Walker

Many people still do not know how physically and emotionally exhausting infertility can be. This post and the message it sends helps spread awareness about this journey.

Lauren and Garyt welcomed their twins in August 2017.

Facebook | Lauren Walker

They named their babies Duke and Diana, and couldn't have been happier to welcome them into their lives.

If you can believe it, Duke and Diana are almost two-years-old now.

Facebook | Lauren Walker

It's a been awhile since Lauren shared her pregnancy announcement, but it's still making its rounds online, racking up thousands of reactions and hundreds of shares on Facebook.

Thanks to moms like Lauren, more women are sharing their own infertility journeys online.

Hashtags like #InfertilitySucks on Instagram allow other parents to share their own updates as they try to conceive. It's important that we share these experiences honestly so that parents going through this don't feel alone.