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8+ TV Home Makeovers That Were A Disgrace To Home Improvements

Home improvement is one of those areas that a lot of people are obsessed about. And what's even better is watching those TV home makeover shows. I love them, and can't get enough of them.

But once in a while I simply can't understand what the designer was thinking. Check out these makeovers that totally failed to impress.

1. Face Room

YouTube | MsMojo

You know your designer is running out of ideas when they decide to paint their face on your wall. What were they thinking? Talk about a little creepy and unappetizing!

2. A Bloody Mess

YouTube | MsMojo

And speaking of unappetizing, how do you like them apples? This tarp resembling fake blood ended up in someone's kitchen! What the heck? This is unacceptable!

3. Unsafe Wallpaper

YouTube | MsMojo

I have seen many unusual ways to paint walls or various textiles used as wallpaper but I've never seen using straw or hay on the walls. What were they thinking?

4. Flower Power?

YouTube | MsMojo

I'm sorry but I feel like the dollar store threw up in this bathroom and covered it with fake flowers. This is not the way to go.

5. Pink Overload

YouTube | BBC

Everyone loves a cozy and relaxing bedroom with subtle colors and chill vibe but I don't quite get that feeling in this poorly overdone monstrosity.

6. Alice In Wonderland

YouTube | BBC

Speaking of bedrooms, how about this Alice In Wonderland but totally gone wrong rendition? Oh my, this is the reason to keep your doors shut.

7. Baby Poop Walls

YouTube | MsMojo

It's never a good sign when your homeowner compares your wall paint color choice to their baby's poop. I smell a redo paint job here.

8. When Geometry Is Not Your Thing

YouTube | Donell M. Williams

Sometimes a unique pattern can really liven up the place and other times it can totally backfire. This seems to be the latter.

9. Safari Bedroom

YouTube | MsMojo

Who doesn't want to live on a safari right in their bedroom? Well if your window gets bordered up and all you see is this, um no!

10. Beach Vibes

YouTube | MsMojo

I'm such a beach lover and I simply can't wait for the summer but even I would question this awful beach makeover that includes real indoor sand.

11. Forest Feels

YouTube | BBC

Imagine coming home to see this awesome TV home makeover? I mean, who said it would be fun living in a forest? Absolutely, no one ever!

12. Cartoon Bedroom

YouTube | BBC

This reminds me of the hallway paint job in Three Men And A Baby but for an adult bedroom? I think the jury is out on this one.

13. Bedroom Art

YouTube | Tvclaudiarizzoglio

And here's one more unusual bedroom makeover. The designers wanted to infuse a little art into this space but ended up going absolutely in the wrong direction.

The lesson here?

Next time you're considering putting your trust in a TV show to let them give you a free home makeover make sure you can live with the consequences.