Unsplash | Sharon McCutcheon

9+ Photos That Will Look Familiar To Anyone Who Has Attempted A Pinterest Project

Are you guys as obsessed with Pinterest as I am? I can spend countless hours on there just looking at some amazing projects and getting many ideas.

Unfortunately, some of us are just not as talented as those Pinterest posters and when we attempt to recreate their ideas things don't exactly go according to plan.

1. Expectation Versus Reality

This is what happens when you have very high expectations only to realize that reality really does bite. Can we give her an A for at least trying? Come on!

2. Baby Fail

Those gorgeous and cleverly posed baby pictures on Pinterest are the envy of all the parents. If only your kids cooperated for you to get one good shot.

3. The Truth Hurts

This is what happens when you get so overconfident scrolling on Pinterest that you try to make that masterpiece only to realize you can't cook. Can you relate?

4. The Ugly Truth

Ha ha ha, this is so me when it comes to baking. Somehow I always think it will turn out awesome and then this happens.

5. Hair Fail

I have a special board on Pinterest all about hairdos but since I'm terrible with hair styling this would probably be close to my attempt.

6. Baking Disaster

Why does it look so easy on Pinterest only when you attempt it, it ends up looking like the most inappropriate thing you have ever seen?

7. Killed It

So apparently this lady thinks she totally killed this Pinterest-inspired recipe but you be the judge. Which one would you like to try? Hmmm!

8. Strike A Pose

When you try to recreate that casual "just for a walk with my dog while looking fabulous" fashion pose. Ha ha ha nice try.

9. Cake Fail

Why is that all the baking pictures on Pinterest look absolutely perfect? But when you try it, it ends up the complete opposite of pretty? Tell me!

10. Even Worse Cake Fail

And here's another example that no matter how awesome things look on Pinterest when it comes to baking anything can happen. Wow, scary!

11. One More For The Road

I know for as many beautiful Pinterest cakes there are just as many awful disasters. So don't feel bad. You're in good company.

12. Gimme Cookies

And it's not just cakes that give some people a lot of trouble but even simple cookies can become another person's Achilles' heel. I feel their pain.

13. Easter Fun

Ah, baby photos again! They always look like the babies are having the best of time. When in reality things are much, much different. Poor little one.

14. This... Cake?

I think it's a cake at least. Whatever that is, I'm sure it didn't make for a very happy birthday. Don't eat this!

So the moral of this story goes like this, don't be too hard on yourself.

What you see on Pinterest is not reality it's just a perfectly curated illusion. Gotcha!