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9+ Pinterest Cake Fails That Will Haunt Our Nightmares

I pride myself on being a great cook but I have to admit I haven't mastered baking quite as well yet. So I definitely understand how difficult the art of baking can be.

Looks like I'm not alone in my failed attempts at baking but these epic fails definitely take the cake. And if anything, are good for a laugh.

1. Puddle of Poodle

Apparently, this cake was supposed to look like a poodle. But looking at this mess it resembles more like a puddle rather than an actual dog.

2. Cakecatastrophy

Something definitely went wrong here lol. Instead of a beautiful layered fruit cake, this ended up like a miserable pile of goop. But does it taste good?

3. Disney Fail

Imagine ordering a cake for your kid's birthday only to end up with this? Somehow I don't think the beloved Minnie will ever look the same.

4. Unicorn Scare

Ha ha ha! This is what happens when someone with no actual baking experience, like me, attempts to make a pretty unicorn masterpiece. Nailed it!

5. Melt Away

And how about this cake making misadventure? Is it melting away or what is happening here? I literally don't have any words for this. Facepalm!

6. Taco Mess

When you attempt to make a taco-inspired cake for that fiesta party only to realize that you should have hired a baking professional. Hide that cake!

7. Thanksgiving Nightmare

This is what happens when you want to start a new Thanksgiving tradition and think you can just wing it and make a gorgeous cupcake. Think again!

8. Stack Attack

Professional cake bakers have years of experience perfecting their cake stacking technique. So don't go thinking you got this when it's apparent that you don't stack up.

9. Melting Pot

Don't you just hate when this happens, especially when you just cleaned your oven? Oh, my. I wouldn't want to be the one stuck cleaning this mess.

10. Sad Mushroom

I have to give it to this mom for attempting to make a Super Mario-themed cake. Unfortunately, it ends up looking like a sad little mushroom.

11. Galaxy Fail

This was supposed to look like a galaxy mirror glaze cake. Not sure what the final product was supposed to look like but I bet this isn't it.

12. Toilet Fail

I'm not gonna fault you if you have no idea what you're looking at. This supposed toilet cake is not a perfect birthday gift for a plumber!

13. Kitty Horror

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This cake is what nightmares are made of. This poor attempt at making a cake for your cat's birthday has gone horribly, horribly wrong! Run kitty, run!

As bad as these cake-making attempts were, I still want to give a round of applause to these brave wanna-be bakers for sharing their epic disasters with us.

They definitely didn't nail it, but they did make us laugh.