Denim Panties Are The Worst Idea Fashion Has Had In A Long Time

The fashion world isn't about real life. Unless you're a model or celebrity, you're not really expected to wear Fashion-with-a-capital-F while shopping for groceries.

Most of the time, those crazy looks point to trends that will trickle down to the mainstream in much more subtle ways. A huge dress made of ruffles bigger than you can imagine could just mean you'll be seeing tiny ruffles on blouses and skirts next summer.

There is one section of Fashion that's supposed to be meant for real life.

These collections are called "Ready-to-Wear," and are meant to be just that, but let's be honest: they're still way too out there for most of us.

These pieces are often overpriced, impractical, and just waiting to be made fun of.

Which is really the only reaction one should have to these denim panties by Y/Project.

These monstrosities were immediately panned after being posted to the Instagram of Canadian online retailer SSENSE.

This model looks like she's dying a little inside.


Though the listing describes them as "denim brief-style shorts in navy," it still calls them panties.

And denim underwear sounds like a sweaty, chafing nightmare.

Plus, they're $315!

I wouldn't pay that for a full pair of jeans, let alone a tenth of a pair.

And really, denim aside, who would actually wear high-waisted, brief-style shorts anyway? They aren't even flattering on the super-skinny model.

I can't even look at them anymore.

These panties were part of Y/Project's Spring 2019 Ready-to-Wear collection, but while some of the stuff is cute, this is just a step too far.

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