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Selena Gomez Posts First Instagram Pic Days After Justin Bieber Says He'll 'Always Love Her'

We're a sentimental bunch, aren't we? From the Hannah Montana anniversary to the Jonas Brothers reunion, us 90's kids are all kinds of emotional! Naturally during this sentimental time, we all reflect on our most mourned celebrity relationships.

We have our Zenessa, we have our Niley, but most memorably, we have our Jelena.

Justin and Selena, who could ever forget such an innocent time?

I mean, it was many times because it was an incredibly tumultuous relationship that ended for good because they both grew up and realized they weren't healthy together, but aww nostalgia!

Justin is now, of course, married to the beautiful Hailey Baldwin.

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As you may have heard, Justin recently popped off on Instagram at a groddy troll in defence of his wife and Selena.

It all started with this fire picture of his wife, Hailey.

People were loving on their love in the comments, as people do.

Of course, some people were really out here talking about SELENA.

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Which is, pretty dark but okay.

BUT THEN, user @jaileyisajoke (lol) left a comment on Justin's pic that was so vial my precious mouth cannot repeat it, so please reference below:

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Justin replied to the troll with his full wrath which was very called for and also very sexy.

Defend your woman, Justin!

Of course, the part that everyone is gagged over is how Justin addressed his relationship with Selena.

"I absolutely loved and love Selena she will always hold a peace in my heart, but I am head over heels in love with my wife."

Where Justin has been all over his social media, Selena has been much more private.

Her posts have been few and far between lately, and only really happen when a special work project comes around.

However, Selena left everyone literally gasping for oxygen after her latest Instagram post just 3 days after Justin's Insta rant.

Hi red hot, how are ya?

Fans were POPPIN' off in the comment section.

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They couldn't get enough of Selener in a gorgeous cherry hue!

Selena has been doing so well, she's even got a new movie coming out!

A horror film? GORL!

And honestly Hailey and the Biebs are so effing cute together.

It's so nice to see everyone doing so well!

It seems clear Selena wants us to know she is unphased by the petty drama going on in Justin's comment section.

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Does this mean we've all grown up now? Adulthood is WILD!

Justin really did just like this old pic of him and Selena, though. SO WHO KNOWS ANYMORE?

JK, this is a good mature sign of moving on!

Yay for respect for your past lovers (thanks to Ari and "thank u, next" tbh) but for moving on with people who are much better for us!

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