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The New Jonas Brothers Music Video Has Fans Freaking Out

ATTENTION everyone the Jo Bros are back and have made it their LIFE mission to kill us with this comeback. From the music video aesthetic to the fckin BOP of a song, I almost forgive them for that #fakenews comeback in 2013.

A disclaimer — I was the Jonas Brothers fan to end all Jonas Brothers fans. And now, the time has come to reclaim my throne.

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Since their last single, the often slept-on fat jam First Time, Joe got engaged to Sophie Turner, Nick got married to Priyanka Chopra, and Kevin has had two KIDS.

A lot has changed in all our lives since the Jonas Brothers peaked back in 2008, but you know what hasn't changed, LOVE BUG? That sweet love of the MUSIC and FAMILY.

This is evident now more than ever as Kevin, Joe and Nick cast their real life leading ladies in their video!

The self proclaimed "J Sisters" (RIP me) starred alongside their men in the most aesthetically pleasing music video I've ever seen.

The J Sisters would include Kevin's wife Danielle Jonas, Nick's wife Priyanka Chopra and Joe's fiancé, Sophie Turner.

All stunning and super talented ladies, obvs.

They filmed the video at a castle in England and are serving us Victorian-era realness.

The Jonas wives are making and breaking my heart at the same time. 12-year-old me would be devastated but 22-year-old me is saying YASSSSS JONAS QUEENS!

I mean come on, have you ever seen a more stunning family?

That's also why the Sucker video has made everyone cry — it's always been about the FAMILY.

BEAUTIFUL life long fans have lost their damn minds, sharing photos of their old merch. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY!

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Dust off your tour merch guys, IT'S GAME TIME!

It's amazing to feel like life is refreshed again. I feel nourished and energized.


As my parting message to you, please remember when the Jonas Brothers looked like this and still managed to steal our hearts and drain our parents bank accounts:

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And now please appreciate the long awaited video that will bring you to your knees and make you give thanks.