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9+ Times Kid's Crafts Were Accidentally Rated R

Kids can be so funny, right? Wrong.

What happens when a kid's imagination doesn't line up with the final vision and their crafts go wrong? How many times has your kid embarrassed you when they attempted to make a creative project only to turn out inappropriate?

Apparently, these parents were on the receiving end of such disasters. Check out these seemingly innocent kids' crafts that turned out terribly wrong.

Find out why your husband is laughing so hard when you realize your little girl made a paper doll for the first time all by herself.

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Nice work, little lady!

I told you not to let your kids play with their food.

Reddit | captn_awkward

Why didn't you listen to me? Now you have to explain this to your mother who's visiting.

This is what happens when you don't know how to explain to your kid what a nurse does.

Reddit | Higgs-Bosun

And she has nightmares about it. Nice drawing skills, though.

This reminds me of that awful movie "The Human Centipede" that still scares the living daylights out of me.


I hope this was just an unintended accident. Scarred for life.

This is what happens when your kids are wise beyond their age and they make you a special cake to celebrate your hysterectomy.

Reddit | babywriter

Wow, this is so creative.

This is what happens when you let your kid make Christmas cookies.

Reddit | kiwidust

Just make sure you inspect them before you serve them to your guests. At least it's anatomically correct.

This is clearly when your kid is trying to tell you something.


Ha ha ha either that or they just watch too much TV for their own good.

And here's another Christmas gem you must be so proud of.

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Let's just hang it up on the tree for the rest of the world to see. Happy Holidays!

When your son spends many sleepless nights preparing that project for the science fair only to have it end up like this.

Reddit | Boomiegirl

At least someone is excited. Hide in shame!

And how about this peculiar picture?

Reddit | fthrknowsbest

If your boss demands that you take it down from your desk, stand your ground and be a proud parent. This is real talent.

But what if your kid's talent turns sinister?


Should you be concerned? Nah, this is probably just an awkward stage your kid is going through so just relax. Trust me!

Kids do a lot of crafts at daycare, don't they?

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I bet you were so happy to see what your son made until you got there and saw this masterpiece.

This apparently can happen when your kid attempts to make you a giraffe hat only to resemble something entirely different.

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Quick, find somewhere to hide it. Oh, too late.

I dunno what these parents are worried about.

Don't you know, kids do the darndest things? So don't stifle your kid's creativity. Who knows? They might be the next Picasso.