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13+ Trail Cam Photos Showing The Creepy Yet Fascinating Animal Nightlife

Trail cams are just like security cameras: 99.9 percent of the time, there's nothing going on. But it's that .1 percent that makes the cameras worth having. As it turns out, things get pretty weird after dark in the animal kingdom.

Raccoon rager.

Reddit | [deleted]

I've always seen raccoons as cunning, clever creatures. But this picture paints them in a truly unimpressive light. I guess they came here to just...pass out together?

A split second from chaos.

Reddit | curlysass

Who knows if this deer knew a ferocious owl was on their tail. But if it didn't know before, it's about to find out what those talons feel like.

That's normal, right?

Reddit | too_funny

You know, it probably is normal. Canines of all kinds howl and yip, and often do it together. Still, there's something about this pic that makes me think they're summoning some kind of coyote spirit.

Ghost deer!

Reddit | bradschultz23

Considering this pic is just a shot from a static trail cam, the lighting and depth combine to make something that's really visually appealing. It's just too bad the spooky ghost deer had to come in and make things all scary.

Nature is metal.

Imgur | Remnant16

Imagine monitoring a trail cam for weeks, months or years, seeing nothing but raccoons eating garbage or whatever...then, suddenly, this. It's a good reminder that big cats are absolutely terrifying.

Good work.

Reddit | steffinator117

Now here are some raccoons I can actually admire. They've got a clear goal in mind, and know that they'll have to work as a team to pull it off.

Thrill of the hunt.

Reddit | elfmachine100

Seeing the big cat is cool enough on its own, but if you look just beyond the first line of trees, there's a wild boar of some kind that's being tracked.

Catch some air.

Imgur | DarkChildOne

Deer aren't hunters, so they don't have to chase down other animals. But, in the name of mating season, they'll absolutely chase each other. As we'll soon find out, this is a bit of a theme.

So close.

Reddit | Redrock1188

Wild boars are pretty intimidating beasts, but they're nothing more than prey when a cat this big starts following them. I wonder how this one played out.


Imgur | Dasbett

Most of these shots simply show nature as it happens, but this one is different. The raccoon knows there's a camera there, and it's creeping on it hard. I don't like this one bit.

Life finds a way.

Reddit | jajison

I don't know what raccoon-wild pig relations normally are in the wild, but I'm fairly certain this is out of the ordinary. If this was normal, raccoons riding pigs would probably take over the world.

Maybe just stay inside.

Reddit | iFearGodsFollowers

The idea of living out in the countryside is appealing for many reasons. But if said countryside is in wildcat country, I can think of at least one drawback to the situation.

Caught in the act.

Reddit | IndustrialMechanic3

Anyone who's ever had parents/friends/roommates/randoms walk in on them in the bedroom can probably sympathize with these two deer right here. Nobody likes being caught in the act.

You're doing it wrong.

Reddit | Karma_Cum_Laude

So it clearly isn't unusual for trail cams to capture the occasional deer romance out in the woods. I'm not sure that this manouver is all that common, though.

You're doing it way wrong.


Look, don't break it to the deer on the left, but the deer on the right is...well, not a deer. It's a deer decoy, but this clearly hasn't registered just yet.

Pursued by a caped crusader.

Imgur | wabewalker

At first glance, it looks like a panicked deer running down a trail. Then you see, above the deer's head, a flying squirrel looking more menacing than any flying squirrel has ever looked.


Imgur | multijanus

Maybe it's a deer who wants to know what it's like to have antlers. Maybe it's some other kind of fashion statement. Maybe the deer just ran into a bush like a dummy. Either way, not a bad look.

He thinks he's people.

Reddit | jdaher

It's a cool deer party trick, but c'mon, deer — you're not fooling anyone. You're a quadripedal creature, and you'll never be able to walk on your hind legs, no matter how you try.

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