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John Stamos Blames Nick Jonas For 'Cheeky' Wardrobe Malfunction On-Stage With The Beach Boys

In a cancel culture world where all your childhood heroes turn out to be trash fires, it's nice to know some things never change — John Stamos is one of those precious things.

Thank GAWD Uncle Jesse has aged well (in more ways then one) amirite ladies???

We STAN-MOS John for many reasons, one being his love and devotion to the Jo-Bros.

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Not to be dramatic but his back and forth with Nick Jonas is the sole reason I've been able to power through this WRETCHED month.

Another reason John is the coolest is because he goes on mini-tours with the LITERAL Beach Boys.

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God Only Knows what they'd do without him!

While on stage at the Majestic Theater in Dallas, Texas — John had a wee bit of a wardrobe malfunction.

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"First time Tom Ford has ever let me down" wrote Stamos.

His reasoning? NICK JONAS! "I think that Jonas kid is behind this!" he joked.

I'm not gonna lie though — I'm sure fans absolutely did not have an issue with Stamos' butt rip.

Insert classic "Jesse and The Rippers" joke here.

John still knows how to give fans the ol' RAZZLE DAZZLE, that's for sure!

I love this content and I demand more of it!

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