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Fans Are Roasting Ariana Grande's New Tour Merch With A Questionable "Stain"

Ariana just kicked off her Sweetener World Tour this past week in Albany, New York and it was obviously iconic AF. With a tribute to Mac Miller, seven couture costume changes and a perfect set list, fans literally couldn't ask for more!

However — Ari's new tour merch has caused a bit of controversy on Twitter. I'm here to do a deep dive, in depth investigation on what exactly sis has got going on.

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The first questions began to arise when fans started receiving their clear tour merch (the merch Ari asked fans attending her tour to buy in order to streamline security) and were a lil' confused at their tiny size.

But the merch that was sold on opening night had Ari fans gagging in laughter and also in confusion.

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Does it look like very interesting spray paint street art? Yes.

One piece of merch really caught everyone's attention, though.

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And believe me, it takes a lot for one piece to standout in this eyesore of a collection.


Does it look like someone absolutely just Slurpee'd this sweater cause it's a GLEE CLUB LOSER? Absolutely.

Also, #TBT to Glee — wild!

It also totally looks like a dick print, lol.

I mean, I know everyone was talking about Pete Davidon's "BDE "last summer but you don't think she ...

Ariana has hella creative and talented fans, so I guess we're just confused and hurt.

In the iconic words for Ms. Grande herself...

thank u, next.

JK I'll prolly buy like 5 of these dick stain sweaters when I go see her.

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That pre-concert adrenaline just hits me and my credit card so damn hard!

It's gonna be a collectors item one day, you mark my words h8ters!

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Someone just reserve a spot at the Smithsonian for it, tbh.