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Ariana Grande Fans Are Confused AF Over Weird Tweet About 'Mango'

We LOVE our girl Ariana. I don't wanna go so far as to say I feel protective over her, but in many ways I totally do. Let's be honest for a sec, tho — who could blame us?

A great way into the mind of someone like Ari is her Twitter, because sis loves to share her feels on social media. And I mean same, tbh.

Remember her whole Oscars debacle?

She has taken to her Twitter to ask the hard hitting questions before. For example:

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Soupgate 2k19 was truly dramatic for all involved. And in case you were wondering, Ari is absolutely a miso soup.

So when Ari shared AND pinned this to her Twitter, fans were a lil' confused to say the least.

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Notice we don't have an author; we only have a number.

And a fruit. We can't forget the fruit.

Now we know our girl is vegan and loves her fruits and veggies, but a mango?

Weird flex.

People began speculating about what it all meant— all this Rupi Kaur sounding nonsense.

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Only visits once a year? What kind of delivery service is that?

Is her new music video going to be about mangoes?

"Who girl, your man?"

"No, a mango."

But wait, this fan has a theory!

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Ari recently posted this pic of her tattoo, with the caption "not a cover up, just evolvin."

We also know Ari likes to keep her secrets and tease her fans because WHY NOT? Life's too short.

I'm so interested to see what sis has in store for us!