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9+ Home Improvement Projects That Didn't Quite Go According To Plan

Home renovating can be a pain in the butt sometimes. There's careful planning, lots of tools to use, and expert advice you may need. And there are those times when things just don't go according to plan.

Check out these genius ideas that looked good on paper but didn't exactly translate well when put into action.

1. Hmm somehow I really don't think this idea is going to hold up in the long run.

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Kids, promise me you won't try this trick at home.

2. When you need an impromptu sink, this might do.

Reddit | petah127cz

But don't complain if the water is too hot or cold, because I have no idea what will come out.

3. This DIY heater (at least I think that's what it is...)

Reddit | nctrd

Somehow I doubt this thing will ever generate any desired heat, but it's definitely a good conversation starter if you ask me.

4. When you need to take a shower in a rush.

Reddit | nctrd

Wow, that's some genius MacGyver stuff going on here, isn't it? But, hey, it looks like it's holding up!

5. When you need a shower head.

Now that you have a working shower, how about that shower head, eh? This one seems to do the job well, no?

6. When the wife has been bugging you for a deck.

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The only problem I see here is when you need to use your freezer. You just can't have it all.

7. When you're just too short.

Who needs kitchen cabinets you can actually reach? Apparently, everyone!!! I mean why even have them if you can't use them. Is it just me?

8. When your fridge needs some space.

Some appliances are just such high maintenance, they're in a class all of their own. So leave them be for crying out loud! I'm pretty sure no one needs a fridge "island".

9. When your radiator doesn't fit.

Ah, those pesky radiators. They never seem to fit properly under the window ledge. Yes, just blame the radiator for your shoddy job.

10. When you want to access your fridge.

I dunno about you but I like to use my fridge for more than just a pretty kitchen accessory. Is that asking too much?

11. When your floor doesn't stand up to moisture.

Don't you just hate when this happens to your bathroom floor? Next time use plywood and tile backer instead.

12. When your cabinets don't line up.

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Why have everything uniform in your kitchen when this design just looks so much better? Not really! But nice try, though!

13. When your kids ask for a slide.

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You have to give it to some parents, they'll do just about anything for their kids. Safety first though!

I'm not sure if I'm actually impressed by these or just flat-out horrified.

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But one thing is for sure, sometimes it's better to leave things to the professionals.