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Moms Are Getting Tattoos Inspired By Their Breastfeeding Journeys

Moms remember their journeys in many different ways. Some keep journals or baby books. Other prefer to log motherhood through their social media accounts or blogs.

Now moms are deciding to get inked and pay tribute to their experiences breastfeeding their babies. These tattoos are real works of art and a unique memento for any mom.

Sketch style

This simple black-ink tattoo done in a sketch style highlights the natural beauty of breastfeeding. What a gorgeous tribute to the relationship between a mom and her baby.

Nesting doll

At first, this design doesn't even look like a breastfeeding tattoo until you see that wee baby head. I love this! Might be the cutest tattoo on this list.

Wonder Woman

We already know that moms are the real Wonder Women of the world and this tattoo proves it. I am a huge fan of Wonder Woman, so I'm really digging this design.

Surrounded by love and flowers

This stunning design highlights the gorgeous bond between a mom and her baby, framed by a garland of flowers. Definitely pinning this tattoo to my idea board.

The world on her back

This tattoo pays tribute to the beautiful strength of breastfeeding moms everywhere. They really are like superheroes.

Mother Earth

The flowers and nature-inspired design of this tattoo instantly brings Mother Earth to mind. There's something really magical about this design.

1940s style

This tattoo drew inspiration from classic, vintage tattoos of the 1940s but added a mommy-twist. I love the result! It's a little rebellious but still beautiful.

The colors of this one are so unique.

I've never seen a tattoo done in they style before, let alone a breastfeeding tattoo. The colors really set it apart from any of the other pieces on this list.

A whimsical take on motherhood.

This tattoo was done with a stippling method, meaning that small dots were used to achieve the design and shading. It creates a beautiful and whimsical scene of motherhood.

A splash of color

This water-colored inspired tattoo creates a stunning contrast between the colorful background and the minimalist silhouette of the mom and her baby. Such a gorgeous design!

Vintage style

Here's another tattoo that has a new take on those vintage tattoos from the 1940s and 1950s. The shading on this piece is absolutely perfect.

Mermaid mama

Here's another watercolor breastfeeding tattoo, but this one features a mermaid mama. As someone who was always a huge fan of The Little Mermaid, I love this design!

Simple and beautiful

This design is so simple, and yet, so stunning, too. When it comes to breastfeeding tattoos, there are so many styles to choose from that you can pick whatever design suits your personality.

Stunning realism

Even though this tattoo was done with shades of black and gray, the realism in the details took my breath away. This piece is so beautiful. I'm sure this mom will cherish it always.

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