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This Company Is Featuring Real Postpartum Moms In Its Ads

We can trace most of our unrealistic body expectations directly back to the media and advertising.

Images of perfectly toned bodies have been circulated for decades and these ideals target women's bodies particularly hard.

One company is starting to change those expectations with a campaign that features real postpartum moms showing off their real bodies.

Their stretch marks and scars haven't been photoshopped and the result is a stunning series of photographs that celebrates motherhood.

Mothercare is a maternity and baby store located in the United Kingdom.

Think of them as the U.K.'s version of Buy Buy Baby.

For their most recent advertisement campaign, they are featuring real moms along with the hashtag #BodyProudMoms.

For this series of photos, real, newly postpartum moms pose with their babies while wearing a simple black bra and underwear set.

Not only do these photos capture the touching relationships between moms and their babies, but it also gives a realistic and empowering look at postpartum bodies.

The reason behind this campaign is to change our perceptions of what moms should look like.

According to a survey conducted by Mothercare, 80% of new moms compare their bodies to the ones they see in the media, which as we know, are usually edited or set unrealistic standards.

Their survey also found that 51% of the respondents said they used photo-editing apps or fitness apps to try and change their appearance.

These results show that new moms have a difficult time embracing their new bodies. Hopefully, seeing real postpartum bodies in the media will change those perceptions.

The diverse campaign features a wide spectrum of new moms.

Each pregnancy and birth is totally unique which is why there can never be a one-size-fits-all ideal when it comes to postpartum bodies.

Along with the photos, Mothercare also provided background stories on the moms who chose to participate.

"I feel people need to put less pressure on mums to go back to their previous bodies before the babies and worry about their overall health mentally, emotionally and physically, to live a fulfilling life in order to give love and care for the new life," said Nardy, one of the moms featured in the campaign.

Stretch marks are fully on display in these photos.

Movies, TV shows, and advertisements rarely show new moms with stretch marks, even though most women end up with them. Mothercare is changing that with these pictures.

The moms in the campaign also opened up about their own insecurities.

"Every day I feel pressure to bounce back. Society, social media, people’s comments all make you feel that way. All over social media it shows these perfect bodies saying they’ve had children and now bounced back so quickly," said Tina.

For many of the moms, accepting their new bodies has been a journey.

"Once I did give birth, I felt like my old body had died, my confidence was on the floor," said Tesha.

It is completely normal to feel this way! Learning to love your postpartum body takes time.

We're hoping other companies follow Mothercare's lead.

It's about time that a company for new moms put some actual moms in their ads, don't you think?

Based on the positive reaction to this campaign, I think it's safe to say that we'll see more photos like this from companies in the future.