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Mom Explains Why She Breastfeeds Babies Who Aren't Her Biological Children

Breastmilk donors are essential to many new parents for a variety of reasons. They provide breastmilk to babies whose moms are having complications trying to nurse.

One milk donor is spreading awareness about this issue through an Instagram post that shares what breastmilk donation is really all about.

This donor, who is also a mom, has breastfed nine babies who are not her biological children but benefitted from her milk.

Lauren Archer is a postpartum doula based in California.

A postpartum doula is someone who supports a family after they've welcomed a newborn.

Postpartum doulas work with the families for breastfeeding and newborn education, cook meals for the family, and even do light housework.

They help out new parents with whatever support they need.

In 2017, Lauren and her husband welcomed their baby boy, nicknamed Cubby.

After years of caring for new moms and new babies, it was Lauren's turn to become a new mom herself.

Lauren has been incredibly honest about her postpartum journey with her followers on Instagram.

Like most new moms, Lauren learned that postpartum healing can take months and even years. Still, she wanted to take a moment to share her pride over what her body accomplished during pregnancy and beyond.

She's also gotten real about breastfeeding.

"Look moms, no hands!!" she said in this cheeky Instagram post while sporting a double breast pump.

I'm loving her sense of humor when it comes to this tedious task that I always dreaded as a new mom.

Lauren's son is over a year old now, and she is still breastfeeding him.

Lauren has posted about their breastfeeding journey since he was born and will continue to do so until he is fully weaned.

Her posts provide helpful tips to other new moms and also help normalize breastfeeding beyond one year.

In a recent post, Lauren also explained why she acts as a breastmilk donor for other moms.

Breastmilk donors will actively feed a baby at their breast or donate pumped breastmilk to be fed in a bottle.

Lauren has donated milk to nine babies, who she refers to as "Cubby's milk siblings."

"I have fed both of these babes at my breast. One is my biological son, one I had just met," she said in the caption that accompanied this photo.

She shared the pic to spread awareness about milk donors and the families who use donor milk.

"I want to acknowledge the extreme trust that goes into feeding your child with another person’s milk or watching as another feeds them at their breast," she said in her post.

In the Instagram comments, people praised Lauren for her post and shedding light on this issue.

Many of the commenters shared their stories of using donated breastmilk and how grateful they were that someone was able to help them during a desperate situation.

However, Lauren's post also got its fair share of criticism.

One Instagram user criticized Lauren for the photo and wrote, "What is wrong with you people?!!!!! That's not even your kid."

I'm assuming that by "you people" they were referring to breastmilk donors.

Lauren was quick to reply and shut down that hater.

Lauren explained that she had a long-standing relationship with the child in the photo and her parents. She finished her reply by writing, "Thank you for your misinformed judgment."

Breastmilk donations are still a taboo subject for many people, and a topic that many don't know much about.

With advocates like Lauren, maybe we can reduce the controversy around this important service.

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